Mighty Spells From the Old Testament by Elise Elgar

Mighty Spells From the Old Testament by Elise Elgar

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Elise Elgar


For the pious the Old Testament is the Word of God, treated with utmost reverence, but to the occultist - especially the kabbalist - it is regarded as a highly potent source of magick!

You can now share in this magick - in complete safety - and enjoy its benefits!

The spells here are easy, consisting of just two or three sentences extracted from Genesis, Exodus and Chronicles.

The information here we have not seen elsewhere.

Contents include:

  • To Stop Gossip
  • To Encourage Fertility
  • To Curse an Enemy
  • For Thick Hair
  • To Gain Popularity
  • To Obtain Your Heart's Desire
  • Obtaining Wealth
  • For Beauty
  • To be Blessed
  • For Healing
  • Enhancing Creativity
  • For Protection
  • To Attract Men

And more!

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