Modern Witchcraft Guide for Beginners By Glinda Porter

Modern Witchcraft Guide for Beginners By Glinda Porter
 Modern Witchcraft Guide for Beginners By Glinda PorterModern Witchcraft Guide for Beginners By Glinda Porter 

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Starter Kit of Wiccan History & Traditions; 

Practical Magick, Spells & Rituals with Crystals, Candles, & Herbs

for the Solitary Practitioner



Have you heard of practicing witchcraft and magick to gain what you want in life and are interested to learn more?

Have you always wanted to understand how to cast a spell?

Are you tired of having a vague understanding of wicca & witchcraft?

Look no further and prepare yourself for an exciting journey that will lift you to new heights.

This Beginners Modern Witch Guide dispels the many concepts of old, haggard women flying on broomsticks. Inside is the TRUTH about magick! Magick is something ANY human can partake in to receive the many beautiful benefits & gifts it can provide.

Get ready to immerse yourself deep in the world of crystal, herb, and candle magick to create a life full of magick where you can rid what no longer serves you and manifest exactly what you need -- take a look at the detailed table of contents inside the book now!

Modern Witchcraft for Beginners is a practical guide and extensive resource to give you everything you need to know, what you shouldn’t do or believe, and help you start, build, and manage the lifestyle of using magick.

Discover the ease of practical magick by learning:

  • Simple, yet effective modern day spells, practices, and rituals
  • Beliefs, History, and Traditions of witchcraft
  • How to set up altars and use magickal and powerful witch tools
  • The difference between wicca and witchcraft
  • Complete Step-by-Step instructions to perform magick spells & rituals
  • Cleansing rituals
  • Spells & Rituals for love, money, business success, luck, protection, third eye opening for psychic abilities, self love, health & healing and many more
  • Unhexing, banishing and eradication work
  • And so much more...

Being a witch is in your true nature and simply means being in a tight relationship with yourself and spirit for self-improvement, to control your own life and destiny, and potentially to influence the surrounding environment.

Performing magick to get what you want is your BIRTHRIGHT!

Ready to start your journey into a more magickal life?

Then scroll up and order your copy now! This will not come with regret!




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