My Experience of the Lost Word By James Finbarr

My Experience of the Lost Word By James Finbarr

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‘In the beginning was the Word … and the Word was God’

My name is J. Finbarr and I am a publisher of literature on selfhelp psychology and the esoteric, having published over 300 titles. In 1985 I published ‘The Lost Word of Power’ by Frater E.L. Francis who claimed that the Word was previously known only to initiates of certain mystical societies. I had certainly never heard of it until then. However, I never spoke or ‘used’ the Word myself, for I cannot try or experiment with every concept presented to me, otherwise I would have no time to live my life or run my business. Besides, I am not an occultist nor esoterist per se.

What made me pay attention was when shortly after I received a letter from a man who I knew to be unhappy with his purchase of such books. Nothing had ever worked for him. I knew from his previous correspondence that he was a reasonable and intelligent person and I felt uncomfortable that money he spent seemed to have been wasted. Imagine therefore my surprise when in this letter he explained that in the Word he found what he ‘had been looking for’. ‘With the Lost Word I actually got aid’, he said, ‘and I’m still getting it.’ It marked a turning point in his life, he claimed. I figured that if it could work so convincingly for him then this had to be something special, so I began my own experiment. But first something about the Word itself. According to Francis its vibration contained the ‘heartbeat of the Cosmos’. He explained the construction of the Word; its Ying & Yang; its genderless expression of Cosmic Energy; its invocation of Cosmic Energy. Its origin is unknown, he said, but its tradition preserved down the centuries by initiates of esoteric societies. The inexperienced reader need not fret that this is something complicated. It isn’t. Francis sought to explain, but the actual application is as simple as speaking a single word. No mystic formula could be simpler – yet it has had a huge effect on my own inner life. By ‘inner life’ I mean one’s own private world of thought and feeling, that which we conceal from the world.

Over the years I have used it in times of danger or threat; any time I felt something bad was about to happen. I have absolutely no doubt that each time it made the threat recede or go away. In my booklet I explain the details. I CANNOT PLACE A VALUE ON WHAT THIS SINGLE WORD PERSONALLY MEANS TO ME. One man in fact wrote me, ‘It has proved to me … that miracles do exist’, adding, ‘The Word is worth more than all the wealth in the world.’ (I can send you a photocopy of his actual letter.) Others have written to say that it saved them ‘from almost certain death’ (their choice of words). These are not my claims, but what others have written to me. And I am ready to photocopy their comments and send them to you. In any kind of emergency this is the one Word I speak immediately. I trust it implicitly. What its alleged power is and why it seems to work I attempt to explain in my booklet.

But for now I can only tell you that I think it is extraordinary. You may think me mad, but whoever believes in the irrational is inevitably labelled ‘mad’. Call me ‘mad’ if you wish. I can’t make you believe anything I say; I certainly cannot prove anything I say. I can only attest to my own experience and to that of others. Advertising regulations prohibit me from making health claims for the Lost Word of Power. But in my booklet I will quote what readers have written me. Extraordinary claims. I can send you copies of their letters. The Word to me is ‘sacred’: meaning that it must be treated with respect. It cannot be revealed publicly, but only expressly to those who seek it. It can be spoken anywhere and at any time as the occasion demands. It can be spoken in a crowded place. It can also be spoken silently in your head. It is easy to pronounce; not weird and convoluted. Yet I have never come across it anywhere else. It consists of two syllables, Francis admonishing that it cannot be revealed in public but only through his booklet. I am amazed at what people have used the Word for.

For example. one woman wrote to say she spoke it on behalf of her son so that he would pass his driving test. When he passed it she explained what she did, but could not reveal the Word to him directly, so ordered a second copy for him. A distraught man spoke the Word to find his missing cat. That cat had been gone three days. Once the Word was spoken, the cat appeared in 15 minutes. Ask me for a photocopy of his statement, if you wish. Of course you could say it was mere coincidence. You could say that. Two ladies wrote respectively, ‘The Lost Word has seemed to make drastic (sic) improvements in my life, just within the first three days of using it’, and ‘(It) has brought about a miracle in my life that seemed almost impossible.’ Remarkably, one man used the Word to influence a court case. His detailed letter explains the circumstances which I go into detail in my booklet. It was his decision to use the Word in this manner; but you may think that the court case would have gone his way in any case. You may think that. A woman claimed it ‘brought’ her ‘love, after many years alone’. Never did it occur to me that the Word could be applied for material gain. So I was amazed when a lady wrote saying that because of it she found a job. A man said someone gave him cash – a gift – on the spot, when he most needed it.

And I could never have imagined that the Word could be used in gambling, or for gaining large amounts of money, so I was astonished the first time I received a letter making such claims. I am prohibited from making any such claims for the Lost Word in this advertisement, but in the booklet I will tell you exactly what this man said, and you are welcome to request a photocopy of his letter. I have cited only a few examples.

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