Mystic Wisdom For Richer Living (3 Volume Set) By Dr. Lori M. Poe

Mystic Wisdom For Richer Living (3 Volume Set) By Dr. Lori M. Poe
 Mystic Wisdom For Richer Living (3 Volume Set) By Dr. Lori M. PoeMystic Wisdom For Richer Living (3 Volume Set) By Dr. Lori M. Poe 

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Incredible But True!

Renowned Prophetess Reveals How Miracle Mystic Power Can Make... Money 'Out Of Thin Air'... Pain And Suffering Cease Instantaneously... Fabulous Riches Appear... True Love, Friendship, Perfect Health...


stounding as it may seem you can actually possess the power to STOP PAIN AND SUFFERING and it can happen within hours, EVEN MINUTES!

R.R (Metairie, L.A.) suffered 5 years of severe arthritic pain. her stiff and swollen joints made her wholly dependant on others, even for dressing herself. There seemed no hope. She was instantaneously and completely healed the very same day she experienced the miraculous healing power of the Ascended Masters! This woman's amazing written testimonial is right here before my very eyes! The Ascended Masters are those Divine Intelligences operating behind the scenes for humanity's evolutionary good.

Once you use the simple spiritual techniques that releases their power into your life THEY WILL UNFAILINGLY HELP YOU, declares prophetess Lori Poe!

Peptic Ulcers Miraculously Cured! I.S. (New Orleans) suffered 9 years from stomach ulcers. After experiencing the healing power of the Masters: 'Next Day I had no more pains. I even pressed my finger hard into my stomach area and still no pain. Many days have passed and still no pain. Even my depressions and fatigue have left me. It is to me a miracle!'. Spinal Injury Instantly Healed! She suffered agonizing pain following a car accident. The Ascended Masters and Angels of Love brought her an instantaneous and complete healing! Her amazing story you will read in chapter Two of Lori Poe's book. Varicose Veins & Eye Cataracts Disappear! Mrs G. (Marilla, N.Y.) for 3 years had her legs injected once a week; she also received treatment for nerve-arthritis. She was also due to have a cataract in her left eye removed - all 3 conditions were completely healed by the miraculous power of the Ascended Masters!

This is the greatest power in the Universe. So powerful is it that a car, stuck for 3 months in blizzard weather conditions, flat batteries and right front tyre almost flat, IMMEDIATELY BEGAN TO DRIVE AFTER THE COSMIC INVOCATIONS WERE SPOKEN! Another time the author drove across town on an empty gas tank! Details are in Chapters 3 & 11.

Healing Miracles Without End 'With God all things are possible - and through His Ascended Masters you can banish disease, wipe out debts, become rich', declares Lori Poe! Blood Pressure Dropped! Her blood pressure was 154 - but fell to 102 after receiving the power! See chapter 13! Asthma Healed! L.D. (Cincinnati) suffered for years; and it was getting worse. She was totally healed! 'That moment of healing was the beginning of a new life foe me', she wrote. Emphysema Banished! He wheezed all the time and suffered terrible headaches and weakness in the legs. All these conditions were cured through this miraculous power! 'I feel 20 years younger!' Read his complete unsolicited testimonial in this book!

Invoking the Powers of Light does not require compromise of your religious beliefs!

In fact the teachings in Dr Poe's book actually complement such beliefs - and she shows carefully how your own existing faith can actually assist results! The Light is available to all - Christians, Muslims, Jews - whoever! It is available to agnostics - just speak the words and perform the simple instructions and you may be amazed!


Read how the author suddenly and totally unexpectedly received $51,000 out of the blue - like money 'out of thin air'! See how in Chapter 13 how the Spirit Tele-Projection Technique was used to locate oil - which led to a million dollar pay-off for Dr Poe's client!

Discover the actual Cosmic technique for finding precious minerals underground, gold, silver and water!

At the other end of the prosperity tree a penniless man miraculously found $50 in his pocket after experiencing the power of Divine Light! Meet Your Fellow Soul-Traveller; Travel Outside Of Your Body; Visit Worlds, Past And Future Not only can you experience the dramatic and thrilling end result of invoking Cosmic Light to banish illness and eliminate poverty you can actually meet the glorious powers behind your new found fortune, if you so wish!

Come face to face with your very own personal Guardian Angel and fellow Soul Traveller; experience the Blissful realms of Light and illumination and discover Mysteries of Life and Death. Detailed instructions are given - and they are so simple. Absolute and positive proof for the existence of the Afterlife is now yours to discover. Come face to face with the Light behind miracles! Experience clairvoyant visions, travel through past time and SEE THE FUTURE IN VIVID DETAIL!

Become a Prophet, Healer and Spirit Traveller! Of course you may not wish to be these things - you may wish only to buy this book for its healing and prosperity secrets - but if you do seek the wisdom of the ancients you will find it all in this thrilling eye-opening book! Nobody should suffer - you can heal people!

Discover the miraculous power of healing people without ever seeing or touching them - LEARN HOW MIRACULOUS CURES CAN BE EFFECTED MERELY BY SPEAKING ON THE PHONE!

Such telephone miracles' are reported again and again - you will find the testimonials in this book - and I have seen the documentation with my very own eyes.

SOLVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS ONCE AND FOR ALL In Chapter Six you will find the all-purpose Prayer of Invocation for a complete turn-around in your luck. Also the inspired decrees of the Ascended Holy Masters. You may see results within hours.

You will find the exact Invocations for: Developing Self-Confidence and Freedom From Guilt... Wiping Out Debts and Receiving Money in Unusual Ways... Ending Nervousness and Emotional Instability... Curing Impotency and Infertility. Watch the power of Holy Spirit manifest in your body - vanquishing disease and cleansing your mind of guilt and self-doubt! Receive in penetrable divine protection - never fear for your safety again. Experience the presence of your Guardian Helpers, warding off pain and injury, protecting you from the threat of violence! Tap into the power that makes inanimate objects move at your bidding!

Lump Vanishes From Leg! J.L. (Cincinnati) had a mysterious lump which wouldn't respond to medical treatment. After invoking the Presence of the Great White Light the lump vanished! Deafness Cured, Lumps Disappear! For 36 years J.S. (Cincinnati) suffered, but the miracle power of Cosmic Prayer healed her. And through this power she was able also to cure her niece of arthritis! Through this power you can not only heal yourself instantaneously but others too, says Dr Poe! A Total Cripple Walks! He was in this condition for 7 years - yet experienced a total instantaneous healing! Read his own words in Chapter Three!

Eyesight Restored After 39 Years! He suddenly began seeing in his right eye which had been blind for most of his life! Also his blood pressure came down from 170 to 122; his wife's migraines ceased! Such is this miraculous power! Loses 50Lbs In 3 Weeks! Read her story in Chapter 14.

See the actual mystic technique which caused this weight loss. Speech Improvement! She suffered severe speech impediment. Read how her speech was treated with Mystic Prayer in Chapter 3!

Terrible sinus condition instantaneously healed... Severe cancer of mouth healed within 24 hours... Breast tumour vanished within hours... Acute appendicitis cured overnight... Arthritis of spine cured instantaneously... Ovary cyst disappeared... Leg miraculously lengthened.


As certain as you are reading this such miraculous healings happen time and time again! Anyone, says the expert, can use the amazing healing power of the Ascended Masters! The power is felt immediately!

I, James Finbarr, publisher of this book, have seen the pictures of J.L's (N.Y) appalling phlebitis of left leg who subsequently experienced a total cure. I have seen his unsolicited, handwritten testimonial which appears in Chapter 3 of Lori Poe's book. Her book is the healing book for the New Age! At last - the miraculous power of the Spirit over the body which until now you may have only read about can BECOME AN ACTUAL REALITY IN YOUR OWN LIFE - BRINGING YOU BLESSINGS HITHERTO UNIMAGINED!

Dr Lori Poe is the subject of endless media stories as time and time again she demonstrates the mighty healing power of the Ascended Masters; a power which her students are able to use with equal effectiveness! It is available and open to everyone! You only have to open yourself to it! In her amazing book Dr Poe reveals how to get instantaneous results, the same incredible results reported time and time again by others!

She teaches the work of the Spirit. This is not hocus-pocus nor black magick, nor low occultism. It is not auto-suggestion and not mediumship. It is enough to merely ask the help of Spirits to start the power flowing!

In her thrilling book you will find six simple (English) words that have performed the seemingly impossible for the author. These six words - in Chapter Ten - improved her health by 100%, doubled her income, brought the man of her dreams - and a brand new Cadillac - all in the space of just 3 weeks!

Working with the powers of Light, reports Dr. Poe brings light to your darkest hour. This book is not merely a 'how to' of healing and prosperity spiritual methods - it is a veritable goldmine of wisdom, inspiration and hope! It is the work of one of the greatest minds of our time - from the pen of a woman who has been in the pits of despair, and who, through the power of Spirit, rose to become wealthy, influential, and the personal confidante of the rich and famous! 'What has happened to me can happen to you', she writes. 'When all seems lost you can turn to this power with the absolute assurance it will not fail you'.

'Mind Power' is not required - just follow the simple words and invocations of Cosmic Power to see your problems disappear!

The Ascended Masters are those great (historical) Sages, Avatars and Saints of ages past who, now in the spiritual body of God, are Omniscient! Again and again miracles are reported in their name! Possess the power to see impending disaster and save the lives of others! see for yourself the power of Spirit recharging a flat car battery! Read how an elderly lady's old furniture never faded or showed signs of wear - yet within three weeks of her death it all suddenly and inexplicably fell apart!


Whilst I am in absolutely no doubt as to the authenticity of all the healings reported, having personally seen the documented evidence, I am still bound by the authorities to state that SPIRITUAL HEALING SHOULD NOT BE USED A SUBSTITUTE FOR QUALIFIED HELP.

(All reported healings in Dr Poe's book were from people receiving medication).

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