Mystical Words of Power by Damon Brand

Mystical Words of Power by Damon Brand

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Damon Brand

Imagine using magick without any aim, desire, or hope, without trying to solve problems, and seeking no gain. Imagine if the magick started to bring you all the things you want, and solved your problems.

What if it increased your peace, passion, understanding, and your purpose in life? That's only the beginning of what this book can do for you.

Damon Brand reveals a groundbreaking form of magick. It's easy to use but works in a completely new way, and it takes the magick to a new level!

In Part One there are seven major rituals covering Perception, Knowledge, Imagination, Love, Healing, Transformation, and The Empowered Mind.

In Part Two, you can direct the magick where you want. There are over fifty sigils to fine-tune your reality.

The magick leads you to experience the world in a mystical way that can include intuition, visions, and psychic abilities while attracting the real-world results you need.

The magick in Mystical Words of Power only requires your thoughts, feelings, your voice, and the images in the book. It's as easy as magick gets.

When you connect with this angelic power you discover who you are, what you want, and the mystical states required to attract everything you need to live the life of your dreams.

The combined power of the two magickal styles in this book make it unlike anything you've seen before. It's the most enjoyable and effective way to bring healing, strength, certainty, and creative control to all that you desire.

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