New Demon Power: Magick of the Black Sigils by Carl Nagel

New Demon Power: Magick of the Black Sigils by Carl Nagel

Daemonic Dreams

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Magick of the Black Sigils

Carl Nagel



Master Black Occultist and Occult Teacher Carl Nagel is back, with perhaps his STRONGEST Book of Demonic Magick to-date!

Combining his decades of experience with his uniquely simple methods of effective Demonic Evocation, Nagel here presents a truly remarkable way of achieving results - time-after-time.

Presented here for the very first time, you will find the devastatingly powerful rite which is used with each and every Demonic Entity in this book: THE NEW DEMON POWER RITUAL has been carefully constructed, under the direct guidance of these powerful, Black Spirits themselves - YOU WILL FIND IT NOWHERE ELSE!

Whether you are an experienced Student of Occultism, or a Complete Beginner to the Occult Arts, this remarkable system of STRONG BLACK MAGICK will serve you equally well, and will be an invaluable addition to the Library of any Black Magician, which you will use time and time again as you progress your Path.

Step-by-step, Nagel takes the Student carefully and concisely through utilising this ancient system of Black Seals and Sigils of both Demons and Djinn to smooth your path through life, and attend you every desire.

Presented within these pages, you will find a MASSIVE range of Demonic Seals and Sigils, each and every one of which can be DIRECTLY, SIMPLY and SAFELY used to both summon and direct these astonishing forces, who will be compelled to respond to your every whim!

There are DOZENS AND DOZENS of Dark Spirits presented within this book - and YOU can now put them to work in YOUR LIFE, all with the minimum of the usual Ritual Nonsense, which is COMPLETELY DISPENSED WITH in this way of working!

Whatever you need to bring into your life, be it Love, Wealth, Fame, Health or even a darker desire, such as Revenge or Primal Lust, you will find a Demon, plus their all-important Sigil or Seal, in these pages who is perfect to fulfil that need - effectively and virtually effortlessly.

Looking to obtain Respect, Authority and Material Possessions? You’ll be ready to work with Lucifer - and he’ll bring your needs to fruition...

Or perhaps you’re more intereste in the seduction of a passionate, exciting mate? Get ready to see exactly what the Demon Satanachia will present to you...

And if opening the floodgates to an inrush of riches is what you truly desire, notorious bringer of wealth Astrathoth stands ready and willing to assist you...

With more than 36 of these legendary behomoths of Black Occult Power now literally at your fingertips, what will YOU accomplish?




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