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Beginning TODAY – You can start living Like a King and never want for anything again with: NEW ZODIAC POWER Staggering but true!

Within the signs of the Zodiac are the very forces that can bring you: Endless wins at the race track … money from the most unexpected sources … the love and admiration of the opposite sex … an end to pain and suffering and the attainment of perfect health … and much more!

NEW ZODIAC POWER BRINGS: Power over others! Ability to heal yourself and others! Protection from Evil Eye! Control of your destiny! Unlimited prosperity! Amazing streaks of luck at gambling! All the money you will ever need – and more! Amazing telepathic powers! Access to secret knowledge! Solve any problem! Precise instructions for all these things given in book!


Yes! As incredible as it may seem you can start winning bets within days – or even hours –of applying New Zodiac Power! Can you imagine never wanting again for anything? Can you imagine always having more money than you actually need? You can test New Zodiac Power for yourself – and win at bingo almost every time. Win at the dog track. Win at the race track. Win lotteries. Not just once – but frequently! The secret is in the stars. You can win when you bet at the right time. It’s a quantum leap from reading your daily horoscope to actually invoking the incredible forces of New Zodiac Power.

Almost anyone can do it. It is so easy a child can understand. You can do it – and change your life for the better, within days.

Sandra K. (Aries) of Norfolk needed cash badly. But the only way she could raise it was to gamble which, of course, was fraught with risk. She had been told about New Zodiac Power and was advised to do the Lucky Sagittarian Gambling Chant. The next day she won $900! But that was only the beginning! ‘I see now that it depends on timing. I listen to my Zodiac Genie who tells me when to bet. People would think I was nuts if I told them about this Zodiac stuff, so I keep it to myself!’ You can be as rich as you want to be. With the magic chants and conjurations of New Zodiac Power you can receive more money than you need. Through this mystic power you will meet your Zodiac Genie who will guide you in financial matters.

Another lady, ‘Miss X’ (Pisces) from New Jersey prefers anonymity than the world to know she uses New Zodiac Power. ‘By listening to my personal Genie I have made a fortune in commodities – last year I cleared a $216,000 profit. I never make a move without consulting my genie.’ Are these people mad? Are they hallucinating? The wealth of the discoverer of New Zodiac Power is no figment of his imagination.

In Chapter IV of his book ‘New Zodiac Power’ D. Knight states: ‘Thanks to using this power I now have every last material possession my heart desires, and I spend more time travelling than I do at home. I wear designer clothes, gems bejewel my fingers, and I stay at the most expensive resorts. People literally beg me to accept their gifts. ‘If you meet any so-called occultist who is poor and lonely then he is a fraud. Mystic power does work. Magic genii do exist – they may not appear from a lantern, but once you use New Zodiac Power you will be aware of their lovely presence – and you will be staggered at the good luck they bring you!’

It Is So Easy – Zodiac Chants And Conjurations Work Again And Again! When you invoke the powers of the Zodiac Money Wheel or the Zodiac Genie you don’t, thank the gods, have to know the position of the planets at your moment of birth. Absolutely no knowledge of astrology is required. Invoking the celestial powers is so simple – and they work to bring what you want over and over again! They can fulfil your fondest wishes! You can receive money to pay any debt – quickly, instantaneously, miraculously! People will want to do you favours. You will suddenly be ‘lucky’ in all your endeavours! It is so uncanny!

Julie A. (Virgo) couldn’t believe her luck when she tried New Zodiac Power. The very same day she received $400 – the exact amount she needed to pay off a pressing debt! Since then she’s been winning regularly at bingo and the dogs – never in big amounts as, being the careful type, she prefers to gamble in small amounts. But big gambler Jean D. (Leo) of San Diego, cleared a cool $94,000 profit in the last six months at the roulette wheel! ‘I could have won more, perhaps – but it will do for now! I know I risk losing if I don’t use the New Zodiac Wheel and the hunches given me by my Zodiac Genie!’

Libran Love Chants Perform Romantic Wonders! New Zodiac Power can end your love problems once and for all. Now you can have the person of your dreams at your side. If your partner has left you for another you can change that. Jill B.’s (Pisces) nightmare was turned into pure happiness when the Libran Love Chant caused her husband to stop seeing a younger woman. ‘He now declares his undying love! Only a few weeks ago I thought our marriage would end, but now we plan to have a second honeymoon! How can I ever thank you enough!’

Walt M. (Cancer) of Bristol was desperately lonely. But that ended when he turned to New Zodiac Power. ‘I was obsessed about this woman, but she was so indifferent to me that I wanted to die.’ Nine days after using New Zodiac Power he reported: ‘I just can’t believe it! Her love for me is almost frightening! My loneliness is suddenly a thing of the past. I am now unbelievably happy!’


Hundreds swear to the efficacy of New Zodiac Power! We cannot claim this power will cure your condition, and it should not be used as a substitute for qualified medical help. But these astonishing testimonies speak for themselves! By using the Leonine Healing invocation Hal B. (Taurus) cured his lifelong illness. ‘I can’t believe it! I’ve never had another attack since! Now I can run and even play tennis!…

John S. (Aries) had suffered all his life from severe migraine attacks. ‘The first time I used the invocation the pain was less. After 7 days the attacks never returned again. I can never thank you enough for ridding me of this scourge’…

Ann M. (Scorpio) had suffered insomnia for ten years after the death of her husband. ‘After only one week of using the invocation I began to sleep better. Now I get a good 8 hours refreshing sleep every night. I feel so much better!’ Testimonials have also been received concerning New Zodiac Power’s amazing effects on ulcers, liver and spleen diseases, gout, heart ailments, ear, nose and throat problems, and dozens of other health disorders!

These true testimonials from people like yourself prove conclusively that YOU, TOO, CAN RECEIVE THE SAME GLOWING BENEFITS OF NEW ZODIAC POWER!

If it worked for them – it can work for you!

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