One Spell Brought Me What I Sought By Elaine Delaney

One Spell Brought Me What I Sought By Elaine Delaney
 One Spell Brought Me What I Sought By Elaine DelaneyOne Spell Brought Me What I Sought By Elaine Delaney 

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And still continues to bring me what I want (writes Elaine Delaney). It has worked continuously for me. For years now it has been my comfort and hope.

When my husband didn’t stand a chance against the many other candidates in line for promotion I performed this spell and he got it. And what a difference this promotion made to our household income! This spell literally works like magic.

My daughter was seeing a lad I had grave misgivings about. This spell separated them.

When I needed a pay rise I got it, after using this spell. You need no experience to cast this spell. And work it surely will if you follow the simple instructions in my book. Even if you lack privacy you can still perform this spell! How and why it works I cannot adequately explain. All that I know is that it works.

My two sisters-in-law hadn’t spoken in years. This spell reconciled them. They didn’t know I was behind this, but it gave me great pleasure. The wonderful thing about this one spell is that it can be used for almost any purpose … so long as it is not used with evil intent.

Whatever you need, whatever your aim, you can turn to this spell as I have done consistently over the years. If you desire the love and attention of someone this one spell can make your dream come true. If you want to be rid of someone, the relationship isn’t working any more … this one spell will do the trick. Or if you want to be reunited with someone this one spell can make it happen. But how can the one same spell apply to so many different situations? This needed a book to explain and this is why I have written one. My book is all you need. If you have tried and failed with other spells then you need this one.

I have shared this spell with friends who have achieved the same wonderful results...!!!

One lady, tired of never winning a bean in any game or contest, quickly won around £500 twice in succession after I gave her this spell. I will tell you of a teenager who wanted the same gorgeous looking lad as a dozen others. Thanks to this spell, she was the one to get him. It works, too, for the most mundane things. Upset that I didn’t get a refund on an electrical appliance that didn’t work from the start I performed the spell and hey presto! I received £374 (the full amount owed) in the post. It seems like make-believe. Sometimes I have to pinch myself. But work it really does.

Anyone can perform it...!!! Even the person without privacy, surrounded by nosey busybodies.

A friend was losing sleep over an obnoxious neighbour. ‘If only she would move!’ she said. ‘Well, she could if you would try this spell’, I replied. ‘But how can something this easy work?’ ‘Don’t fret or doubt this. Just do it. You have nothing to lose – but you might lose a bad neighbour!’ Within the month the neighbour was gone. My friend was so happy!

Over the years I have encountered people who tell me it’s all rubbish. I let them get on with it. I know what I have experienced. There is so much more to life than the ignorant can imagine. I am not asking you to understand anything. I am only asking that you give yourself a break. Though this one spell is so simple you still have to go about it the right way as I explain in my book. This one spell can let you tap into a power that can enable you to live almost a charmed life. With this spell you can avoid making the wrong decisions. This one spell can help you make the right decision immediately on the spot. There is nothing sinister in it and it must be only used for good. Use it regularly and it could change your life – it that’s what you want.

I could not imagine my life without this spell. As I say, I find it of lasting comfort. Whether it’s life’s daily little annoyances or something serious like a relationship in difficulty or a financial crisis, this one spell can smooth the way. If you think I’m mad that’s your privilege. I see the positive effects on a regular basis and I know it’s not in my imagination, nor simply ‘lucky coincidence’.

Yes, I believe there is a greater power around us, ready to guide and inspire if we would but let it. This spell tunes into that power. For me this spell brings constant hope and comfort. I do not have to fret, for I have this spell at my call. Yes, I believe in ‘magic’: the magic of the mind, the magic of the universe. It is there all right. This spell demonstrates it. It certainly doesn’t replace all other spells, but it is the one you will return to again and again.

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