PROPHETS OF DECEPTION By D.V. Matthews, Sharon Clay & P.E. De Witt

PROPHETS OF DECEPTION By D.V. Matthews, Sharon Clay & P.E. De Witt

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This book is an eye-opener.

PROPHETS OF DECEPTION by D.V. Matthews, Sharon Clay & P.E. De Witt

A BOOK CERTAIN TO OFFEND SOME, BUT BENEFIT SO MANY OTHERS. A DAMNING EXPOSE OF PHONEY PSYCHICS, MEDIUMS, CLAIRVOYANTS, TAROT READERS, PAST LIFE READERS, & THE REST! The authors themselves are tarot readers and clairvoyants and for years worked the 'psychic circuit' before deciding they could take no more. They wrote this book, but no-one would publish it; they offered it in serial form to various magazines, but they wouldn't accept either for fear of offending advertisers, They came to us - a refuge of controversial - and we accepted it on the spot. This book is dynamite! What many have suspected is now exposed: the truth laid bare, the money making scams and the rest of the sorry 'psychic industry'.

THE RESULT OF YEARS OF UNDERCOVER ACTIVITY, THIS BOOK DEMONSTRATES STEP BY STEP HOW THE FRAUDSTERS WORK...HOW PHONEY MEDIUMS MAKE 'DEMONSTRATIONS'...AND HOW THEY RAKE THE MONEY IN. These people play right into the hands of the anti-supernatural lobby: the Church, sceptics, the media, etc. GENUINE PHENOMENA EXIST, just as there are thousands of genuine and reputable psychics and mediums.

'It astonishes us that some have to resort to deception', the authors say. 'We read the cards for which no supernatural power is required. THE CARDS SPEAK DIRECTLY TO US. There is no need to make anything up. And even if a mistake is made, there is absolutely no reason to mislead another person about it.' This book guides the reader through the maze of the genuine and the fake.

The authors tell you how



(C) HOW NOT TO GET CONNED; and very importantly


Here is a book badly needed. The field of the paranormal is full of those with suspect methods and suspect motives, and there is no-one to warn or safeguard the genuine seeker who needs guidance, not to be ripped off. Moreover, the authors draw attention to the genuine, whose revelations and guidance can be of inestimable help, far outweighing their fees. The authors show how to find them.

This book is an eye-opener.




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