Protection Spells of a Wicked Witch By Thalia Thorne

Protection Spells of a Wicked Witch By Thalia Thorne
 Protection Spells of a Wicked Witch By Thalia ThorneProtection Spells of a Wicked Witch By Thalia Thorne 

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Witchcraft for Protection from Negative Energy, 

Harmful Spirits, and Magical Attacks


The World of Magic Can Be A Dangerous Place

All magic users shine like beacons in the spiritual world, and the light you cast will draw negative energy, harmful spirits, and baneful people. Whether you know it or not, if you use magic, you are going into battle.

This book is your shield.

Protection Spells of a Wicked Witch will teach you why witches need protection magic, how to identify the types of magical dangers you will face, and how you can overcome the problem.

Here are just a few of the spells and techniques you'll learn:

  • Rue Water - to break spells and protect from magical attack.
  • Waning Moon Banishing - to send people out of your life.
  • Spiky Aura - to ward off those who mean you harm.
  • Traveling Charm Bag - to protect yourself away from home.
  • Blessed Acorn - a powerful protective charm.
  • Mirror Box - to trap a magical attacker with their own spells.

You’ll learn how to protect yourself, your home, and your loved ones. And, if needed, how to send a magical attack right back at the sender.

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