Psalms of the Devil by Marie RavenSoul

Psalms of the Devil by Marie RavenSoul
 Psalms of the Devil by Marie RavenSoulPsalms of the Devil by Marie RavenSoul 

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Throughout the ages, Satan has been worshipped by many civilizations. Although called by different names, his essence remains intense and adversarial. Within these pages are one hundred and sixty-six psalms of power, revelation, wisdom, and ecstasy. Satan is honoured as the primordial Prince of Darkness. The devotee and seeker alike will find inspiration and understanding in these pages.

Marie RavenSoul is a devotee of Satan and has been an active member of the online Satanic community since 2003. She speaks about Theistic Satanism on various social media platforms, and her website In Satan’s Honour: Satanism and Demon Worship is one of the most notable on the subject. She is the author of At Satan’s Altar: A Collection of Prayers, Chants, Affirmations, Hymns, and Rituals. Alsoan artist, her creations are available at her shop Satanic Designs.

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