Roman Restoration Ritual By V.L. Price

Roman Restoration Ritual By V.L. Price

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Author V.L. Price was told that he faced a lifetime of disability following a spinal injury. But within weeks of performing the Roman Restoration Ritual he was free of pain and feeling much better. After five years symptoms never reappeared and he has led a full and active life! An overweight woman he explained the ritual to lost almost three stones (about 50 lbs) in three months. Later she tried the ritual again to regain the slender figure of her youth!

The Roman Restoration Ritual is more than a healing procedure - it restores and revitalizes everything! It puts an end to chronic fatigue, lack of stamina, depression and listlessness! It works because it invokes the Powers of Light to penetrate body and soul! It heals and galvanizes the whole person, spirit and body!

According to the author, the Forces of Light imbue the Life Force itself, and this ritual allows the light in! It is based on what Catholics call a 'Novena', that is a prayer recited for nine days in order to accomplish a certain purpose. But in point of fact the Novena was adopted by the Catholic Church, not the other way round! Hence the name 'Roman Catholic'.

Here is the original ritual used by the ancient priests and priestesses of Rome in honour of Jupiter, Father of gods and men! To this day astrologers still regard him as the great lord of luck, abundance and well-being! The ritual includes all 34 of the numbers sacred to Jupiter! Jupiter is the great galvanizer and renewer! He, through the Power of Light, shatters despondency and negative vibrations!

The author tells of how a young man beat his chronic asthma through these powers! These powers protect soul and body!

Another young man was freed from a lifetime of epileptic fits, enabling him at last to pursue his cherished dream of a military career!

Mr Price provides everything you need to know for this ancient ritual. He also provides a simpler version for those restricted by time or privacy. But he goes further. He provides another ritual under the heading of 'Urgent Miraculous Healing' which enables the reader to help someone in desperate need. He tells how one woman performed this without knowing that her boyfriend had already been declared clinically dead. ln 12 days he walked out of the hospital, healed of wounds and burns! Doctors were gobsmacked! One doesn't have to be ill to benefit from these wondrous powers.

Jupiter is the great booster, lifter of spirits and destroyer of negativity. Bringer of luck and guardian of health.

Everyone at some times feels the need to be 'restored'. This ritual can do it...!!!

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