Satanic Money Magic by Joseph Etuk

Satanic Money Magic by Joseph Etuk

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Publisher:  Finbarr Occultism

Satan Delivers...


By Joseph Etuk


This is the only Satanic work, as far as we know, devoted solely to financial gain. About its content author J. Etuk says, 'I have applied all these money magic rituals and none have ever failed me.'

The rituals range from the very simple - the Sun Money Chant - to the complex, the Unholy Trinity Rite, about which he says, 'I got money in 3 days and received it in an amazing way.' Of the Millionaire's Cheque Magic Rite he says, 'You will definitely receive the needed money on or before the date you specify...I have used it for years, and it has never failed members of my Satanic group.'

Others here include the Urgent Money Rite and the Hexagram Money Ritual.

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