Secrets of the Graveyard by Howard Vernon

Secrets of the Graveyard by Howard Vernon
Secrets of the Graveyard by Howard VernonSecrets of the Graveyard by Howard VernonSecrets of the Graveyard by Howard Vernon

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"Learn to use the DEVASTING Black Magickal Powers of The Dead..!"




Legendary Occult author Howard Vernon is BACK, with what is most certainly his most powerful work of Black Magick instruction to-date!

SECRETS OF THE GRAVEYARD lays bare the forbidden Occult art of Death Magick, Curses and Cemetery Rites, in Vernon’s trademark simple, easy-to-follow fashion.

Within the pages of this remarkable book, you will find the actual RITUALS, INCANTATIONS and BLACK MAGICKAL FORMULAE as used by Medieval Practitioners of the Black Arts and Necromancy.

More importantly, Vernon careful strips away all of the unnecesary elements, teaching simplified methods which actually gain greater benefits - included within are Black Rites & Ceremonies which even beginning students of the Occult Arts can use to DEVASTATING effect..!

Let there be no confusion - this is a book of POWERFUL BLACK MAGICK, dealing with Rituals to Curse and Harm others, dealing with Ceremonies involving Lucifer and his Dark Consort, Lilith, dealing in the Forbidden Rites of Graveside Necromancy.

It is ABSOLUTELY UNSUITABLE for those of a nervous disposition, or those lacking in conviction. if you are in ANY doubt, we STRONGLY advise you NOT to purchase this title.

If, however, you dare to use the truly Dark Powers of Black Magick in order to fulfil your desires... you need look no further!

Included within the content of this book, you will find;

  • The Necromantic Red Dragon Ritual
  • The Invocation of The Deathless One
  • The Fate of Black Torment Spell
  • The Shadow Curse
  • The Black Cat Candle Spell; the Voodoo Death Hex
  • A Simple Ritual of Necromancy
  • The Death Curse of the Black Coffin...
  • ...And much, MUCH more!

The Gates have Opened, and your Path awaits...




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