Secrets of the White Witches By W. Van & K. Richardson (Original Edition)

Secrets of the White Witches By W. Van & K. Richardson (Original Edition)

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Revealed in the book, ‘SECRETS OF THE WHITE WITCHES’, a book packed with white magick rituals One Witch’s Ritual Can Solve Your Problem! At a stroke! Whatever your problem, need or desire, white witchcraft can work for you! This book tells you how!


S.M. loved her husband, but his interfering sister was a headache. Almost overnight her attitude changed after white witchcraft was put to work! Now they are fast friends!


T.S. was at her wits’ end struggling to cope with rivalry between her children and stresses with her husband. She tried the ‘Purification of the home’ ritual in this book and within days peace reigned! The family are now one happy unit.

SHE KEPT HER MAN TRUE C.M.’s wayward boyfriend was driving her mad. She would give him up but as much as she tried she just couldn’t. So she turned to the ‘Bind a lover’ ritual in this book. Now he has eyes only for her! Some of the most closely guarded secret rituals of white witchcraft are now revealed for any woman or man to use in the privacy of their own home.

This is WHITE magick – which works only for good and harmony!

HE TURNED AN ENEMY INTO A FRIEND S.K. had fallen out with a friend who would not forgive or forget. Worse, he had become his enemy. S.K. wanted to turn back the clock; he could not bear the enmity. A week after performing the appropriate ritual the man in question approached him, ‘Let bygones be bygones’. S.K. couldn’t believe it!

SHE ENDS RELATIONSHIP D.F. could feel nothing more for him; but he wouldn’t let go and she didn’t know how to end it without incurring bitterness. She performed the white witches’ ritual and soon after he said, ‘Perhaps we should part, and part as friends.’

SHE CONTROLLED HIS TEMPER A.S. found her boyfriend’s short fuse a real problem. She feared he might explode. She didn’t want to get hurt. Overnight he changed after she performed the powerful ritual in this book. Three months later she reported that he was ‘still a pussycat’. The mystic-compelling forces of white witchcraft can make virtually anything happen NO OTHER WITCH BOOK HAS THESE PARTICULARLY HIGHLY EFFECTIVE WHITE RITUALS!

You need only one ritual in this magick book to change your circumstances for the better – at a stroke! You need no witches’ training and no ‘special powers’ to work these rituals. The book explains everything you need to know.


These are the real and charged rituals which get definite results – at a stroke!

HE FINDS A JOB F.J.’s self-esteem was hitting rock bottom. After eight months of fruitless job-searching he was beginning to think he was doomed for the scrap heap. He turned to white witchcraft for help. One week after performing the ritual on page 55 he was accepted for a job out of 22 interview applicants, a job that paid a third more than his last!

SHE INHERITED A WINDFALL! M.B. hoped in vain for an inheritance. She desperately needed the money, but there was nothing she could do. That is, until she found the white witch’s ritual in this book. A month later she received the amazing news that £144,000 would be on its way to her!

HE INCREASED BUSINESS K.K. was trying to get an internet business going, but found it very hard. He was about to throw in the towel when he found the ritual described in this book. At a stroke his sales increased three-fold. Now he’s considering leaving his day job!

SHE GOT AHEAD M.W. was an ambitious model, but the competition was fierce and she despaired of ever getting the big break she needed. But white witchcraft changed everything. Three weeks after the ritual she was offered a lucrative contract!

HIS FANTASY COMES TRUE 21-year old T.L. was luckless with girls. But he couldn’t stop thinking about them. Every opportunity seemed thwarted. So he turned to the ritual on page 52 of this book. Within two weeks he found himself in the most unexpected dilemma over not one, but three different girls, all wanting to date him! ‘My fantasy come true!’ he declared.

SHE RETURNED TO HIM M.Y. knew he had botched their relationship. To all intents and purposes it seemed he would never see her again. Yet he was desperate to have her back. He got his second chance when three days after performing the ‘Make A Lover Return’ ritual she phoned him. The following night they spent together. White witchcraft channels the cosmic forces to do your bidding. There is nothing sinister about it. White witchcraft taps into the hidden forces of nature and life itself.

SHE INCREASED HER INCOME S.W. had a problem all too common for many: a shortage of money. So she turned to the white witches’ money ritual. Money began coming to her from different directions. First she was given a totally unexpected £100 for a favour she had done; then a nice £700 lottery win; and most unexpectedly a 10% raise for her part-time job!

SHE GETS HER ‘DREAM GUY’ To B.K. he seemed totally unobtainable. And her own reserved nature didn’t help matters. So she felt she had nothing to lose by trying the ritual ‘To Make A Specific Person Love You’. Nine days afterwards he asked her out. She repeated the ritual and now they are inseparable.

SHE GAINED THE HELP OF THE SPIRIT WORLD B.L. wanted to explore white witchcraft deeper: she wanted to both feel and experience the presence of witchcraft spirits and gods. So she performed the ritual on page 74. ‘I have this wonderful feeling of never being alone, and also a calm sense of safety and protection’, she later wrote.


Those who want to explore white witchcraft more fully are guided step by step; whilst those who seek only practical solutions to daily problems will not be disappointed. There are rituals here for so many different needs: for confidence in the work place … job promotion … health and protection; and so much more.

WHITE WITCHCRAFT WORKS: try it and be amazed.

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