Sensational Servitor Spells by Carl Nagel

Sensational Servitor Spells by Carl Nagel
 Sensational Servitor Spells by Carl NagelSensational Servitor Spells by Carl Nagel 

Daemonic Dreams

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Carl Nagel


Servitors to some, Familiars or even Egregores to others, the fact remains that there are fewer more fascinating phenomena, in the study of Occultism, than that of these Invisible, yet Massively Powerful forces.

Expert Occult Tutor Carl Nagel returns, with this truly ASTOUNDING new title, covering extensively the massive benefits which using your OWN Servitors could
unleash into your life today!

We all need assistance, from time-to-time, and it often seems that others are getting all the breaks, while we struggle, single-handedly, through a life filled with obstacles, set-backs and drama. And THIS is exactly where the use of a Powerful Magickal Servitor or two, from the pages of this very book, will prove indispensible from this day forward!

Imagine no longer having to scrimp and scrape for each and every dollar... Imagine finally getting those breaks, that always fall into others’ laps, but never yours - until now...! Imagine your life - every aspect of it - falling into place, quickly and effortlessly...

Now imagine no more, for all of this - and MUCH more, besides - is what Nagel claims can be accomplished in successful workings with Servitors!

Within the pages of this truly fascinating book, you’ll learn the long-forbidden secrets of Occult Servitor Creation, all empowered by a simple, yet supremely powerful Luciferian Rite, which is the true Key to unlocking the phenomenal powers which await.

In his usual simplified, no-nonsense style, Nagel carefully and clearly guides the Student through essential background, and rapidly onto creating and working with your very OWN Servitors - for practically any goal or desire you could hope to imagine.

You’ll learn simple, safe and effective Rituals for literally dozens of uses, all designed to smooth your path through life, from this moment onwards... Rituals for uses such as:

  • The Luciferian Cross... 
  • The Rite of the Inverted Pentagram... 
  • The Creation of the Servitor... 
  • Creating Gold from Poverty... 
  • Finding A New Home... 
  • Bringing Money From All Directions... 
  • Obtaining Love... 
  • Gaining Control Over Your Personal Destiny...
  • Creating Passion, and Increasing Virility... 
  • Obtaining Fame and Glory... 
  • Overcoming all Opposition... 
  • Gaining Psychic Protection From Harm...

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