Sigil of Paimon Alter Poster

Sigil of Paimon Alter Poster
 Sigil of Paimon Alter PosterSigil of Paimon Alter Poster 

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The Goetia and Weyer begin entries on King Paimon noting that he is quite obedient to Lucifer.

King Paimo(n) appears as the ninth spirit in the Ars Goetia, the 22nd spirit in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, and in the Dictionnaire Infernal. In the Liber Officiorum Spirituum, he is first listed as the sixth spirit and later as the third king.

The Goetia, Weyer, de Plancy, Livre des EsperitzLiber Officiorum Spirituum, and Sloane MS 3824 all rank Paimon as a king. The Livre des Espiritz, Sloane MS 3824, and the Grimoire of Pope Honorius specify that King Paimon is king of the west. In the Book of Abramelin (where his appearance is given no description), he is instead one of the eight dukes.

The Goetia, Weyer, Livre des Esperitz, and the Liber Officiorum Spirituum all describe him as teaching science and answering other questions. The Goetia and Weyer specify that his knowledge includes all arts and "secret Things", such as knowledge regarding the Earth, its waters, and the winds. The Livre des Esperitz and the Liber Officiorum Spirituum broaden this to truthfully answering all questions asked of him, with the former source also claiming that he can reveal hidden treasures and the latter highlighting that he knows all the affairs of the world. The Goetia, Weyer, and the Livre des Esperitz also claim he has the ability to bestow dignities and lordships. The Goetia and Weyer credited him with granting familiars (who are likewise good at teaching). The Liber Officiorum Spirituum uniquely gives him command over fish. Sloane MS 3824 mentions Paimon in "An Experiment to Cause a Thief to Return".

In Abramelin, King Paimo(n)'s powers include knowledge of past and future events, clearing up doubts, making spirits appear, creating visions, acquiring and dismissing servant spirits, reanimating the dead for several years, flight, remaining underwater indefinitely, and general abilities to "make all kinds of things" (and) "all sorts of people and armor appear" at the behest of the magician.

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