Speaking Things into Existence By James Finbarr

Speaking Things into Existence By James Finbarr
 Speaking Things into Existence By James FinbarrSpeaking Things into Existence By James Finbarr 

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Brand:  Finbarr Occultism

This publication unravels the mystery and SPEAKS THE TRUTH.


It was the basis of Egyptian magick.


To the Egyptians, this wasn't mumbo jumbo but metaphysical science.


You are limited only by the boundaries of your thought! You can change your circumstances. You don't need anyone else to do it for you. This publication shows how it is done. You can do it!

A child can do it! This publication unravels the mystery and SPEAKS THE TRUTH. And the truth is simple!

Example 1: Christina J., 34, from Jersey, wanted a way out of debt and misery. SHE SPOKE HER WAY OUT OF IT and turned her life around in two months! This publication shows exactly how to get out of the present mess with this Egyptian method. And if you are already doing well, shows how you can make it even better!

Example 2: Jeff S., 39, from Dover was in turmoil when his wife walked out. 15 years of marriage down the drain. His wife walked back in when he learnt the Power of Speaking Things Into Existence. No magick words are supplied, what you speak is your own tongue: but you will be shown the ASTONISHING POWER OF SPEECH. When you speak in a certain way-invoking-your-desire-the Universe listens! The Egyptians believed it!

Example 3: Katy, 57, from Cambridge, found bankruptcy staring her in the face with the closure of her shop. Skyrocketing costs made it impossible for her to carry on. She didn't go under - instead she spoke her way into prosperity! Six months later she owned two shops in the same town and is planning to open a third! Why should success elude you? Why should you always have to scrimp and save? Why dfo you not ever win anything? YOU CAN REVERSE THIS STATUS QUO! You can become the successful and envied one!

Example 4: Peter B., 49, from Chester, longed for a certain lady who seemed completely unobtainable. Within a short time, she became his lover! This publication shows how to focus the universe on your needs. Words are powerful things! They can manifest your desires! YOU CAN SPEAK YOUR WAY TO PROSPERITY...LOVE...HAPPINESS... and whatever else you have set your heart on! There was a time when one could be imprisoned for publishing and reading what is here. Because those in authority could never tolerate defenceless individuals possessing such potent knowledge! This knowledge can set you free. Free of limitation...free of heartbreak...free of suffering. 'Abracadabra!' goes the pantomime magician and by magic a wish materializes! Behind every lie, lies the TRUTH! The Egyptian magician understood the awesome power of words. YOU CAN NOW EXPLOIT THIS HIDDEN POWER! No harm can befall you.

Example 5: Betty T., 75, of Bristol, dreamt of going on a 6-week luxery cruise, but had no means of making it true. She tried the Egyptian metaphysical secret and was astonished! She not only got her cruise, but booked a second one! We think, 'Well others might be able to do it, but I can't, I'm just unlucky'. THAT IS A LIE! NEVER LIE TO YOURSELF! OPEN YOURSELF TO THE TRUTH. Nothing in this life is quite what it seems, until you realise what formidable power could be in your grasp. You can become an initiate of the Cosmos. You can now be initiated into your own limitless potential through the truth expounded in this remarkable booklet. We repeat: IT IS EASY.

Example 6: Freddie H., 24, from Camden, was bitterly disappointed at being turned down for a project he desperately wanted to be involved in. He sunk into depression. Discovering this power, he felt a burden lifted from his shoulders, and 'miraculously' he was later admitted to the project even though he was previously told there was 'no chance'!


Doors are forced open when you tap into hidden metaphysical realms. It seems crazy, 'Speaking Things Into Existence'. How can it be? Well, it is. And it happens all the time. But we don't see it, for we are conditioned by what others want us to believe! You need to know exactly how much money you want. You need to be absolutely specific about the person who interests you and the part you want them to play in your life. You need to be specific as to how you want your health improved. What you desire is within your grasp and is far CLOSER to realisation than you think!

It isn't madness!


Failure only becomes fact when we we cease to believe. Are you serious about success? Do you seriously want prosperity, happiness, love, better health, and all the other things that make life worthwhile?


Give yourself a break. If a child can do it, you can...

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