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Talisman Usage and Care

Each of our beautiful Talismans, hand-crafted by Master Artisan, The TalisMan, are designed to last a lifetime.  They require no additional attention, charging or ritual-work in order to continuously draw their respective benefits into their owner's Sphere of Sensation (or 'Aura', as some refer to it).

Talismans, exactly the same as ours, have been used by Practitioners of the Occult Arts since the dawn of pre-civilisation Egypt and Babylonia.  The Traditional techniques used, by the TalisMan, in the painstaking construction of each piece have been carefully adhered to, in order to ensure that each and every piece is as close to the original version as it is possible to get.

Our Solid Brass and Sterling Silver Talismans are deeply graven into the virgin metals used, and each piece will last a life-time and beyond...

What are Talismans?
Simply put, a Talisman is said to be any physical item, which has been constructed in a specific, 'sympathetic' way, in order to draw certain Occult influences directly into their owner's Sphere of Sensation.  Essentially, these energies directly affect and actively modify their owner's Aura, in order to cause it to resonate with those things which they wish to attract... Love, Money, New Skills - the list is extensive.


So I Just Wear My Talisman and Reap the Automatic Rewards, Right..?
Actually, No!  This is a common misconception, which it's VITALLY IMPORTANT every Talismanic Artisan make clear to their Client:  YOU STILL NEED TO PUT EFFORT INTO ACHIVING YOUR DESIRES!  Any Person who crafts Talismans, and fails to make this clear is going to have a LOT of upset customers...

Talismanic lore makes it abundantly clear that the purpose of any Talisman is to draw opportunity-after-opportunity to the bearer, in-line with the desired effect.  Whether the bearer chooses to act on these opportunities is - as always - completely at their discretion.


Do I Need to Wear My Talisman for it to Work?

Although simple ownership is generally enough to draw the required benefits, whilst in the same location, we advise that our Clients do wear their Talismans (or at least carry them on their person), during their waking hours, in order to maximise the effects.

You should NOT wear your Talisman whilst sleeping (unless it is designed to specifically influence the dreaming-state), bathing or using the toilet.

Is the Optional Black Finish on These Talismans Enamel?
No - we do NOT kiln-fire our coatings.  The Black Finish, which is available on some of our pieces, is HAND-APPLIED and, whilst protected by at least 4 Coats of Jewellers Lacquer, is vulnerable to wear.  These pieces should not be worn with other jewellery, which could rub and scratch the coatings.  It should also be noted that the salts in perspiration can also affect these coatings.

If you find that your coating is finally wearing, it's time to use a little, simple Nail Varnish Remover fluid, to strip your piece back to it's stunning, gleaming brass finish, as shown:




Cleaning Your Talisman
If your Talisman is Bare Brass, and has begun to tarnish as brass is prone, any proprietary Brass Cleaner (such as 'Brasso') can be used to bring it back to a high-mirror shine in just minutes.

If you have a Black and Lacquer Finish, you should ONLY clear this with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

Storing Your Talisman
If you are not currently using your piece, it should be wrapped in a soft, dark-coloured cloth, and placed in an enclosed space (a drawer is perfect).

You should take care that your Talisman is NOT handled by others, as the essential sympathetic link which develops through contact with your Aura could become disrupted, meaning that any additional effectiveness due to long-term usage is reduced.  This will naturally re-establish itself, with resumed usage, but is generally considered highly undesirable. 

If you have any other questions, which aren't addressed above, we'd love to hear from you!  Simply Contact Us, using the form below, and we'll be happy to assist.



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