The black Book of Isobel Gowdie

The black Book of Isobel Gowdie
 The black Book of Isobel GowdieThe black Book of Isobel Gowdie 

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Britain’s most notorious accused witch Isobel Gowdie gave such a wealth of information regarding magical practices during her confessions, that it would have been worthy of a Black Book or Svartkonstbök as found recently by her Scandinavian neighbours.

In this book, I have compiled together and translated the charms, spells, and magical operations of Isobel Gowdie as were relayed in her confessions. In such a way that it is applicable and operational to the modern folk magic practitioner, with additional notes to some of the charms tried and tested by the author. The book also includes the spells and charms from other Cunning Folk in Scotland accused as witches under the Witchcraft Acts during the early modern period or recorded by early folklorists from the 18th century to the present day.

Also, a complete 19th-century Scottish chapbook on Fortune-telling. So now come sit yourself by the hearth fire, grab yourself a wee hot toddy and listen as Isobel Gowdie teaches you the charms and spells from her own personal repertoire and more some, from the other Wise Men and Women she knows around Scotland.




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