THE BLACK PULLET - Science of Magical Talismans (E-Book)

THE BLACK PULLET -  Science of Magical Talismans (E-Book)
 THE BLACK PULLET -  Science of Magical Talismans (E-Book)THE BLACK PULLET -  Science of Magical Talismans (E-Book) 

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Regarded as an occult classic and out of print many years. Written in the early 19th Century by an officer – unnamed – in Napoleon’s army.

Ambushed in Egypt, he was saved from certain death from his many wounds by a mysterious Turk who lived in a secret vault in the Great Pyramid. Within this vault were treasure chests of gold and jewels.

Even more Remarkable was the strange man’s power to summon at will all kinds of spirit beings. He was allegedly 270 years old and the young Frenchman became his eager disciple, hungry to learn the secret of his mentor’s mysterious and extraordinary powers.

He would eventually write this book which he says comprises ‘the science of Magical Talismans and Rings; the art of Necromancy and the Kabbalah, for conjuring the aerial and infernal spirits, sylphs, undines, and gnomes; for acquiring knowledge of the secret sciences, for the gaining of power to command all beings, and for unmasking evil spells and sorceries … From the teachings of Pythagoras, Zoroaster … and other philosophers whose manuscripts escaped from the burning of Ptolemy’s library, translated from the language of the Magi.'

The book contains instructions on the creation of magical properties such as talismanic rings and amulets, and on how to master their extraordinary powers. Perhaps the most interesting magical property claimed in the book is the Black Pullet, otherwise known as the Hen that lays Golden Eggs. The grimoire claims that the person who understands and attains the power to instruct the Black Pullet will gain unlimited wealth...




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