The Book of Oberon By Daniel Harms

The Book of Oberon By Daniel Harms

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A Sourcebook of Elizabethan Magic


A fascinating addition to the magical literature of the Elizabethan era, this unique grimoire is a must-have for magic aficionados and historians. Dating from the time of Shakespeare (c. 1580), The Book of Oberon is a meticulous transcription and translation of a magic book recently rediscovered by the Folger Shakespearean Library.

Unlike the more theoretical magic books of the era, this is a compilation of practical spells, secrets, and summonings. The Book of Oberon includes rituals for summoning spirits and faeries (including Oberon); original drawings; talismans and charms for toothaches, bleeding, the capture of thieves, and other practical matters; one of the oldest known copies of the magical manual The Enchiridion; and much more.

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