The Daemonic Digest

The Daemonic Digest
The Daemonic DigestThe Daemonic DigestThe Daemonic Digest

Daemonic Dreams

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Publisher:  Daemonic Dreams


Vol. 1

Carl Nagel & Nikku Arrol

The Daemonic Digest is the new, regular Seasonal Compilation from Occult Publishing House, DAEMONIC DREAMS.


Designed with the newer Occultist firmly in mind, we're proud to offer our brand new series of 'sampler' titles, collected as THE DAEMONIC DIGEST.  Contained within the pages of this remarkable Volume, you will discover a FULL Selection of some of the very best Occult Rituals, Spells, Curses and Protection Rites ever to be found in a single book.

Drawing on some of the most potent works of both Black and White Magick, spanning over one hundred titles, and seven years of output, THE DAEMONIC DIGEST is YOUR personal route to Occult Power and Success!

VOLUME ONE contains a HUGE variety of Occult Workings, all selected for their simplicity and sheer, devastating effectiveness. Within this book, you will discover Powerful and Virile Magickal Rites taken from:

A series of cataclysmically powerful Curse and Revenge Spells, to take back control from those who have power over you...

A veritable POWERHOUSE of Occult Rites, all designed specifically to awaken YOUR inner Occult Powers, complete with a selection of essential Spells to test your new Abilities....

Get the low-down on how to construct and use simple, yet Highly-Effective Occult Talismans, using a series of POWERFUL DEMONIC SPIRITS from the Medieval Traditions of the world-renowned Goetia...

Powerful, Dark Magick, which can be worked quickly, easily and with pin-point precision....

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