The Earth Magic of the Carrot Wand By S. Rob

The Earth Magic of the Carrot Wand By S. Rob

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Brand:  Finbarr Occultism

The Earth Magic of the Carrot Wand


Very simple to do, and all you need is the humble carrot, a potent symbol of earth magic. The vegetable acts as a magic wand.

Chapters include:

* Good Luck spell.

* Carrot Spell for Love. 

* Earth Magic to Attract Sex.

* Carrot Magic to Attract Those who Want to Strip Naked.

* Earth Magic for Happiness.

There is also a section on so-called ‘glamour magic’: this is most curious, for it enables one to cast a spell to make oneself look better and more attractive than one really is. The secret is not that the spell caster actually looks better, but is perceived to look better in another person’s eyes. Potent. This powerful magic also covers money and other needs.

Perhaps the only publication anywhere in the world on this closely guarded form of magic.




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