The Extraordinary Power of the Subconscious Mind By James F. Cullinan

The Extraordinary Power of the Subconscious Mind By James F. Cullinan
 The Extraordinary Power of the Subconscious Mind By James F. CullinanThe Extraordinary Power of the Subconscious Mind By James F. Cullinan 

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I will show you exactly how it can enable you to:

Excel in sport Pass tests/exams

Improve concentration Improve memory

Make your voice more attractive

Overcome stage fright

End shyness

Boost self-confidence

Master a foreign language

Overcome fear of flying/fear of dentist

Find true happiness

Gain lasting peace of mind Influence someone to contact you

End a relationship

Boost income

Slim to ideal weight 

My name is James Cullinan and I want to tell you about my book, THE EXTRAORDINARY POWER OF THE SUB CONSCIOUS MIND.

I am not a ‘New Age’ writer nor an occultist, although I do profess a life-long interest in the powers of the mind. I am a businessman and I owe much of my success to the power of the subconscious mind. The subconscious is a scientific reality, not a fanciful idea. It is the hidden side of our mind and the most potent.

Successful people, the rich, the best in sports, etc, unknowingly use it; but the majority are barely aware of its existence, let alone have any idea of how to use it.

I will show you how it can transform your life and your fortunes. It can help you in a practical way, day in, day out. There is absolutely nothing the subconscious cannot help you with.

My book is based not on theory but on my own practical experience and the experiences others have reported to me. I depend on ideas for my living and my subconscious provides them continuously.

Once it gave me an idea, which for two hours work, made me a clear £150,000 profit over the following years.

A man wrote to me saying that he turned £1000 into £15,000 in two years by following my instructions about the subconscious. ‘Following your instructions I received $14,500’, another wrote. ‘After following your advice financial opportunities keep coming my way,’ an Essex lady wrote. These people wrote of their own volition, without prompting from me. I do not have to ask anyone for an endorsement, I never have.

Here’s what others wrote:

‘Your instructions yielded two wins on the football pools within six months.’ ‘This is what I have been waiting for all my life.’ ‘Having had financial difficulties for a year or two … ideas and propositions now have been put to me … Have studied mind training for years but your methods are fantastic.’ ‘Thanks to you, my son has realised his life ambition to own his own ship.’

No ‘visualization’ is required for my formula. No rituals. Equipment is not necessary. What is necessary is belief.

This, allied to what is in my book, will get you on your way.

Results are sometimes spontaneous.

Of course ambitious undertakings will take time, but the subconscious mind will not let you down.

Absolutely everything in my book is true. Every thing reported has happened. If it were otherwise I would be guilty of deception and I would lose everything, for that is the law of the subconscious mind. It cannot be cheated, and whatever you seek in life must not only be for your good but also for the good of all. I have not exaggerated anything. No need to. And you will find out for yourself. As I say, I depend on ideas in my business. In fact any creative person depends on ideas.

For example, ‘Writer’s block’ is the dread of every writer. Every author of fiction depends on ideas coming. Here’s what one wrote to me: ‘For the last five years I have been battling against a fearful spell of writer’s block. The flame seemed to have gone out … Then came your book. Now I cannot seem to stop writing; it’s as if the dam wall has burst and I have more ideas flowing in, around and over me than I can cope with.’ And a Liverpool man wrote: ‘Thanks to you I have accomplished some long cherished ambitions. Have used some of my poetry on BBC radio and have written two books.' My instructions are simple to follow.

Indeed you need only follow your heart, for the subconscious is there to bring you nothing but good – if you let it. Speaking of ‘heart’, my book shows how the subconscious can mend a broken one. Also how to make up with an ex. How to win back the love and trust of another. ‘Worked a miracle for my marriage!’ exclaimed a Dublin man. A lady in Kent wrote: ‘I now have a boyfriend whom I can share my feelings with and who has a lot in common with me.’ And from Essex: ‘This has marked a turning point in my life … Have got married and have a lovely baby son.’ From a woman in Sheffield: ‘It has cured my depression and made me forget a “past love”. I am now more positive about my life.’ And so on.

The extraordinary power of the subconscious mind is without limit. The only limits are those you set yourself. It has a particular potency in games, sports, and physical feats. Any champion will tell you the mental aspect is crucial to success.

Here’s what one wrote: ‘I had just 14 days to prepare, using your instructions, before the Powerlifting championships. I did win the title again, and this time at 67.5kg division … I intend to use your system indefinitely.’ A man in Wales: ‘Already feeling effects after 12 days … In one of my tricep exercises I increased the reps from 10 to 18 in just one workout! … I cannot thank you enough.’ ‘Have gained 71 pounds in solid muscle in such a short time,’ a Yorkshireman wrote. A man from Birmingham declared, ‘Your method can help anyone, no matter what their problem or hang-up.’ He added, ‘I would never stand up for myself, and I was useless at playing SNOOKER … Today when a tough man tried to force me off the snooker table I stood my ground, something I once couldn’t have done … From a useless idiot with a cue, today I played like a semi-champion and won two games.’ Exactly how he did it appears in my book.

Similarly, a man in Oxford wrote: ‘Since using your instructions I have won two league matches (the latest a week ago and I was the only player to win his frames. Even the captain only drew!) and drawn another. I also continue to beat the people who normally wipe the floor with me. In fact they are astounded at my new performance as I was actually the butt of their jokes.’ I deal specifically with the subject of running, for speed and for endurance; but the power of the sub-conscious mind can be applied to any physical activity or game whatsoever – nothing is ‘off limits’ to it!

I show how your body is actually ‘new’ and not old, no matter what your age. How to reverse the ageing process. And looks? Yes – one can be ‘handsome’ or ‘beautiful’ – or more so! But I go beyond mere appearances. I demonstrate how truly ‘extraordinary’ the subconscious mind is in the matter of health.

An Essex lady wrote of how a young male friend was in mortal danger; not expected to live. Six weeks later he was discharged from hospital, in perfect shape. She believed it was the power of her subconscious mind working for him. For this extraordinary power transcends all physical boundaries and limitations. It is the source of all psychic phenomena and is the vehicle for the supernatural.

A man in Calais simply wrote: ‘I used it for my wife … Doctor astonished by her improvement.’ A man in Nigeria wrote: ‘I ordered my subconscious to banish a certain disease of my nose I was suffering from. Today as I am writing I don’t see it again … (also) I followed your instructions to force a wicked person who borrowed money from me but refused to pay me back … After only one week the man came and handed over the money with apologies.’ From a reader in Hereford: ‘Orthodox medical treatment seemed to help me very little. But a few months of your method worked wonders for me. And it has helped in many other ways.’

A Hertfordshire man wrote of how it enabled him to give up smoking in just three days; and to give up drink ‘without any hardship’. ‘I can’t tell you how many years I have been under the doctor for nerves … Now using your method I feel great.’ ‘Cured my acne’ (N.P., Aberdeen). My book explains how to discover the key to enduring good health. I also show how it can specifically strengthen the heart and any other organ of the body.

Chapter 13 of my book deals with the subject of ‘conflict’: one may want to believe in this power but feel unable to. After all, if one has no money, believing that you can be rich seems far fetched. But there is a way around this. And it is simple and easy, dissolving the conflict instantly. It is natural to doubt; it is natural to be human. But the infinite intelligence of the subconscious can still enlarge – even in spite of yourself.

THE EXTRAORDINARY POWER OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND: it is your one certain sure-fire way to success. ‘… for singing in tune and concentration … the results were fantastic’ (C.C., London). ‘I am pretty wealthy!! After reading and implementing your methods I had a BIG win on the National Lottery. Maybe it’s a coincidence but I doubt it.’ (A.A., Chesham)

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