The Golden Path to Perfect Health By Michael O’Flaherty

The Golden Path to Perfect Health By Michael O’Flaherty

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‘The Golden Path to Perfect Health’ is an expression author Michael O’Flaherty applies to a lifetime of vigorous living, free of illness and ailments.

He, himself a sprightly 83-year-old, tells of the 96-year-old he met whom he mistook to be in his mid-50s. This man hadn’t known a day’s sickness since childhood and still lived a strenuous and active life. He told the author that it had nothing to do with diet., ‘I eat anything I like,’ he exclaimed, but had everything to do with the power of belief. But there is more to this than ‘belief’.

Why is it that some who practise ‘positive thinking’ and lead clean and blameless lives, find themselves suddenly struck down in mid-life by some cruel disease? Why is it that those who eat the right foods and exercise regularly fall ill whilst those who drink, smoke and never exercise soldier on into old age without mishap? There is no mystery to the author, who says, ‘One can think as positively as one wants or pray fervently for good health, but it will all be to no avail unless one is in tune with the Universal Mind.’

Once in harmony with the Universal Mind, ‘miracles’ happen, he says. In his book you will read of: – The healing power of the Psalms. – 12 words which cured a 14-year-old of a serious asthmatic condition. – The process of Divine Healing. – A woman who had suffered two years of agony from ulcers, cured in ten days. – A woman cured of a deadly skin disease. – An active 88-year old fel led by a stroke who was told he may never walk again.He was up and about again in no time, thanks to this process. – How to get rid of poisonous thoughts. – A man who avoided painful treatment for prostate cancer. He went on to a complete recovery. – A professional tennis player whose career was halted by a bad accident. It was thought he would never play again. Inspired by Universal Mind, he made a complete recovery and enjoyed another five years of his career. – ‘I release’ – two words which can change every thing.

An end to illness and chronic bad conditions, replaced by perpetual glowing good health is not a fantasy. It is your birthright through the Universal Mind, which is there day and night ready to heal you.

This richly inspiring book shows how!

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