THE LEDGER Builder Of Faith By E. ELWYN

THE LEDGER Builder Of Faith By E. ELWYN

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Here’s a book about prayer like no other. Here’s a book about faith like no other. Based on the concept of the ‘Prayer Ledger’.

The prayer ledger is your sure-fire way of building faith. With it you can at last have the heartfelt confidence you need for praying effectively. For most people just getting a few prayers answered seems like an achievement. But can you imagine getting 27,000 answered!

Between the years 1830 and 1875 an Englishman called George Muller kept a diary of his prayers, a ‘prayer ledger’. On the left hand page he recorded his prayer on the right he recorded the answer. And through this system and over this period he received 27,000 answers! The truth of this is in his legendary piety.

He ran five homes for orphaned children, a venture he began from scratch built on prayer and faith, for he had little income. He had 2000 children in his care and he prayed for the welfare of each and every one of them. He puts most of us to shame, so easily we are discouraged by our lack of faith. And if we do get our prayers answered we deem it a ‘miracle’.



Lack of faith is seemingly the failure of most. The prayer ledger solves this. As the entries in the ledger grow so also one’s faith grows. It is an irresistible means of gaining unshakeable faith. You are shown how to create your own prayer ledger and what you must first do to ensure success. A simple copybook will serve the purpose.

Out of it seeming ‘miracles’ will tumble. Nothing need be denied you again. Author E. Elwyn has researched and interviewed people over the years about faith and the prayer ledger. He was astounded when an extremely wealthy man revealed the spiritual secret of his fortune.

‘I’ve never had a head for business’, the author writes, ‘for if I had and I employed this secret the sky would have been the limit.’ Mr Elwyn’s main concern is relationships. He tells of how a young man found true love after rejection. Of a woman who was spared a potentially disastrous marriage through prayer. How the author received the large amount of money he desperately needed. The case of the man who faced financial ruin who asked his six-year-old child to pray for him and received a ‘miracle’. The rejected actress who prayed her way to receiving the lucrative contact she needed to get her career moving.

Purchase this book and never again lack the faith that your prayers can be answered.

Not occasionally – but continuously. The ledger makes it so...




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