The Magick of Scrolls And Knots By Viv Johnson

The Magick of Scrolls And Knots By Viv Johnson

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The Magick of Scrolls And Knots In the dim and distant past before there were bound books, magick spells were written on scrolls of paper and sealed with wax. Magicians wrote their spells on scrolls and stored them away.

The modern reader can achieve the same effect by writing his spell down on a plain sheet of paper, rolling it into a scroll, and sealing it with candle wax. This is one stage in the art of authentic magick. The other is the age-old tradition of tying a knot. Tying a knot magickally binds your wish to happen. But there is much more here in this practical guide to authentic magick. Follow its simple instructions and you will discover the joy of having your wishes fulfilled through the powers of magick. And it involves no compromise with your present beliefs; on the contrary it can com plement and enhance them. It adds to the power and effectiveness of what you already believe in.

40 years’ experience in magick lies behind author Viv Johnson’s book.

‘I know it works. It worked for those who handed it down to me and it surely will work for you’, she says. ‘Whatever your heart desires, this magick can make happen. Whatever you believe can happen will, when you follow these simple ways of the ancients. ‘It meets all my needs, and it will yours’, she says. ‘I never lack for my creature com forts. There is no shortage of cash in my life, and I can influence people at will. All possible through authentic magick.’ Just some of what this magick can do for you: Begin a relationship or end one. Put the sizzle back into a relationship. Put you on a winning streak. Grow thicker hair. Break a bad habit. Gain the ideal weight and figure. Healing and renewal. Becoming the person you want to be!

Decide what you want and this age-old triedand-tested magick can bring it to you...!!!

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