The Only Prayer You Will Ever Need By Elvira Powel

The Only Prayer You Will Ever Need By Elvira Powel

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I use it daily to ensure that my day goes well. And so it does.


Elvira Powel writes: The Only Prayer You Will Ever Need I received this prayer from my uncle who was on his deathbed. I will never forget his words, ‘This is the only prayer you will ever need.’ It changed my life. I was out of a job. I had lost my home. My health was failing Yet this prayer changed everything. It is worth more to me than anything money can buy, for I know that whatever I need it can supply. It brought me hope. It even made my children better behaved! I have always believed in prayer. But my prayers were not always answered. None of this matters now, for I now have the only prayer I will ever need. My long night of darkness was over. Into the light I emerged and not only were problems solved but my life was at last going forward. I found a job I love, one that is secure. And I met a wonderful man: a successful businessman who loves not only me but my children too. I put all this down to this one prayer.

When my uncle explained it to me I was amazed. ‘How can a prayer be without words?’ I asked. ‘Don’t question it’, he replied, ‘just do it.’ He said, ‘Even if one doesn’t believe in the God of the Church it will work for you. Just do it!’ I had never known anything like it. It takes only moments and can be used by anyone of any faith or religion. This prayer is for everyone. And it has inspired me to write this book. The publisher tried this prayer and tells me that he now uses it every day. ‘I will not argue with what your uncle said, “the only prayer you will ever need”. I am amazed by it and the immediate help it has given me for many situations.’ Whatever your problem, whatever your need, use this prayer. If you need more money, use this prayer. If you need to solve an intractable problem, use this prayer. If you need love, use this prayer. If you want someone to love you again, this is the only prayer you need. If you are ill, trust in this prayer, for your health is about to change. Anyone can use it, anyone can get results.

My sister’s life was a misery on account of so many allergies. This prayer changed everything. Now she enjoys life to the full. I explained it to a young colleague who was anxious about her next driving test. She passed after using the prayer (she had failed the previous 7 times). I could go on. I doubt if you will have heard of this prayer from anywhere else. It certainly was new to me although apparently known to members of certain secret societies. If anyone had told me previously that I could use or ‘say’ a prayer in which no words were spoken I would not have believed. But because it was my uncle who told me, and I had always trusted him completely, I took his word for it.

I am so excited that I feel the whole world should know about it. I can’t see why it should be kept hidden. It is the best thing to ever happen to me. I now live in faith, for I have this prayer which unfailingly helps and guides me. I use it daily to ensure that my day goes well. And so it does. I believe I am living a ‘charmed life’; and I am so grateful. I give thanks every day and never fail to think of my dear uncle in spirit. I wish he had told me much earlier, but I suppose he didn’t think I was ready. But the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. This prayer brings immediate comfort. You feel good the moment you use it, and you feel even better when you see the results you’ve been hoping for. And it’s only the beginning. I bless the day I learnt about it. I want others to be blessed. No matter what your circumstances, no matter how low you’ve been, I want you to know that right now there is real hope. I know some will laugh at me, but I don’t care. I have all the proof I will ever need. And I keep on getting the proof – every day.

It is the prayer that ‘moves mountains’, lifts the spirit, and dissolves obstacles. I know now that I shall never have to worry about money again. I know now that my health will always be perfect. I know now that I will never lack for anything again. I live in a state of complete reassurance. This is not to say I am smug. Perish the thought. After what I’ve been through I am just so grateful. I don’t have to worry about my children or anyone else close to me. I use this prayer for them and I just know it is answered. Whatever your need it will answer. If you need a better memory, better concentration, more confidence, more money, a better job, a promotion, gambling wins – whatever – this prayer will answer your need.

I cannot think of anything that this prayer cannot be applied to (unless, of course, something bad. It cannot be used to harm anybody or anything. It only works for good). You will be surprised at how simple it is. You need to read it only once and immediately you can use it. Because it is so simple it does not mean it is not powerful. Probably the reason it has been kept concealed is precisely because it is both simple and potent. I cannot for the life of me see why anything so good should not be available to all. If you believe, you will be thrilled by the results. You will then say, like me, that it is the only prayer you will ever need.




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