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Juan De Santos, Jose Lopez & James F. Cullinan


• A woman carried the prayer on her and witnessed an incredible change in her life – and that was only the beginning!
• Another woman found the true love that eluded her.
• A man, in danger of losing his job because of his abrasive manner, experienced a remarkable change.
• Elderly woman found hope and inspiration – and at last the fulfilment of her dreams.
• Man loses everything on the stock market – only to get it all back again.

… such is the power of the Original Prayer of Jesus the Christ.
If your prayers have not been answered then you need this booklet.
There is a reason prayers are not answered – and it is not because God is not listening!

And it is not because you do not have enough faith! This booklet reveals the true ‘Lord’s Prayer’.
Everyone knows the Lord’s Prayer – what they don’t know is that it is based on the wrong translation!

It was translated into Greek when in point of fact Jesus spoke it in an entirely different language – Aramaic! This booklet has the power to transform your life, for it contains the original text of the most important Christian prayer of all!

Over the years much nonsense has been written about Jesus, in order to sell books and films. Most of it cannot stand up to objective scrutiny.
It is all so confusing and one ends up not knowing what to believe. The authors of this booklet have only been interested in what Jesus actually said, rather than what he is supposed to have said!

The revelation of Jesus’ true words express a power and beauty few can imagine!

And in these words is the most wondrous truth – unknown to most Christians!
This is not a booklet of speculation and theory. The truth and the power is far more exciting than anything in any supposed historical work on Jesus!

For here – at last – is the actual true Lord’s Prayer, translated directly from the preserved ancient texts!

The story of early Christianity was a struggle for supremacy amongst its various factions. The faction which won – the Roman – was responsible for the Greek translation which became the Christian Bible – deliberately ignoring the original Aramaic!

Too much emphasis on the personality of Jesus has obscured the true spiritual majesty of what he taught. Anyone disillusioned with Christianity will find this booklet an eye-opener and a revelation! Anyone who seeks the hidden truth as opposed to the half-baked ideas about Jesus will find in this booklet an inestimable treasure!

This booklet tells the real meaning of prayer.

No wonder so many prayers go unanswered, for we've all been given the wrong information about prayer! But we must stress that the revelation here has nothing to do with any theories about Jesus’ supposed family, was he crucified or wasn't he – all of which you may consider irrelevant once you've read this booklet.

The original revelation contains a spiritual potency that far outshines what we’ve been brought up to believe! This changes everything! Merely reading the text in this booklet heals and inspires! Whatever your need, it can be met.

Doubt and disappointment can be consigned to the past.

The truth, the hope, the reality is here. The fact is that God does provide! Learn exactly what Jesus said about God the Father. This is a message of supreme hope: and the promise of riches – both spiritual and material! Personal fulfilment, peace of mind, unlimited personal happiness, romance, friendship, soaring self-confidence, the defeat of foes – all are possible, through the Original Prayer of Jesus the Christ.

He did not teach poverty, self-denial and suffering!

This is the true Lord’s Prayer – the most authentic Christian text you will ever read! Your royal road to true good fortune, inner joy, glowing health, freedom from pain and suffering, is here for you to travel. Doors can open that previously you could not imagine!

No other book is quite like this!

There are no rituals to perform. No ‘magic words’. No hocus pocus. Merely reading this booklet is enough to make all the difference. Discover the truth about the Holy Trinity. Discover the awesome love and beauty of the Christ. Prepare for a new reality. Prepare for a fresh start, a new life – of hope, purpose, accomplishment. An end to defeat; an end to failure; an end to depression.

An end to poverty and struggle.

The Original Prayer of Jesus the Christ is more wondrous and transforming than most Christians could imagine. You have read this advertisement. Now follow your intuition, listen to your instinct, and decide whether you should purchase The Original Prayer of Jesus the Christ.

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