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Winning Steaks! Good Luck!


Within every woman, man and child lies the Seat of Power: but few know it!

The Seat of Power is every person's guarantor of success and health!

The Seat of Power resides in the body's second brain!

It is assumed we have just the one brain - the one in our head, but there is in fact another, situated a long way from the head!

A lad, gripped by nerves, about a forthcoming exam was suddenly filled with confidence. And he passed the exam.

There was no way on earth he could have overcome his nerves through will power. It was the 'Seat of Power' which changed him!

Here is something unusual. An age-old wisdom which will seem new to so many.


No 'magic words'! No prayers!

We are not here on this Earth to be defenseless, at the mercy of others or our own uncontrollable feelings!

The Seat of Power is your safeguard... your protector!

No religious belief is required!

This is psychology... not yet found in the textbooks.

A young woman, 22, was apprehensive about failing her driving test, which meant she could not qualify for the highly paid job she so desperately wanted.

She knew nothing of the 'second brain' but when she followed the author's advice her fortunes changed completely.

Her nervousness vanished... she passed the test... and, yes, she got the job!

Have you noticed how some times the only thing that stands between you and your goal is yourself?

It's crazy! Sometimes we are our own worst enemy!

Not anymore do you have to fret about not being confident, or 'not having what it takes'.

The information in this Finbarr booklet should be taught in every school and place of learning in the land!

The Seat of Power removes the obstacles that stop us from succeeding!

the Seat of Power takes us out of being negative. The Seat of Power programmes us to be lucky!

The only brain that we think we have can't change the way we are... it cannot make a difference to our luck, no matter how hard we try!

All your fortune is locked in your second brain... the Seat of Power!

There is absolutely nothing hard or complicated in this booklet.

On the contrary - you will find it so easy!

You are going to be amazed!

If you are timid, you will suddenly find yourself courageous!

If you are anxious, you will suddenly find yourself calm and expectant!

No equipment is required! (No visualisation!)

A girl of 12 was bullied at school. In the end she could not face school at all. her mother was in danger of being prosecuted. The author told her about the Seat of Power.

The child experienced an extraordinary change. She returned to school. She was never bullied again.

We all know that if we simply tell ourselves to 'be confident' or whatever, it usually doesn't work.

If we are afraid and anxious... we cannot help the way we feel!

We simply can't! We try to do everything with our 'one brain'! with this brain we think, but it can do nothing about the way we feel!

A middle-aged woman felt torn apart when it was all over with the only man she had ever loved. A year had passed, and she still couldn't move on. The heartbreak consumed her.

It didn't matter what anyone said, she couldn't change the way she felt.

The author advise her that this didn't matter. 'Nobody can help the way they feel... feelings are feelings... totally beyond reason or control', he explained. 'Here is what the Seat of Power is about. See what happens.'

She found herself transformed.

There was absolutely no way she could have changed on her own.

Another power took over and did it for her! (This is not a religious power, but the second brain!)

Very few people will own up to feeling bitter, but this man was very bitter indeed. He had been stitched up by his divorce and he had been unfairly dismissed from his job. His resentment was fuelled further by the fact that, despite his many qualifications, he could not get a job. 'Too old'. I can't forgive and I can't forget', he said. 'Don't worry about any of that - you're only human', replied the author, 'The Seat of Power' will straighten things out.

His bitterness evaporated and, of course, his life changed for the better.

And just as we seem to have little or no control of our feelings the same applies to our health.

A woman suffered the misery of gall-stones. She wanted to avoid surgery. Thanks to the Seat of Power the stones had disappeared after three weeks.

Another woman had been plagued all her life by migraine attacks. She could find no cure. 'don't fight this', counselled the author, 'there's nothing you can do, so leet the "Seat of Power" handle it'.

Migraine attacks now belong to her past.

The Seat of Power can alert you to opportunities... to luck... to win in gambling!

The author's, a gambling man, main application of the Seat of Power is at the race track.

'No amount of analysis can get me a winning streak. Only the seat of Power can do that.

'The brain in our head does not deal in the unknowable, but the other one does. No gambler should ignore it, unless he enjoys losing'.

But in his years of teaching the Seat of Power, emotion is the one subject he has been asked about.

One man was consumed with jealousy. he knew he risked losing his wife, but he couldn't help himself. 'Don't fret', reassured the author. 'Theres nothing you can do about the way you feel. try this'.

He became a new man. His marriage healed and he gained peace of mind.

An elderly woman was burdened with grief. She wanted to die. her daughter approached the author. 'It is human to feel the way you do', he said to mother, 'but the sun will shine again, although we both know that you cannot make this happen by any effort of will. Try this'.

She became a new person and began a new life.

A girl of 17 was gripped by shyness. She was also extremely sensitive and could easily be offended. Sometimes she wished she could die. She didn't think the Seat of Power could do anything for her, but she tried anyway.

her life changed beyond recognition and she became a totally different person: outgoing, friendly, even extroverted!

Be it emotions or health, the seat of Power holds the solution.

A 54 year old man avoided heart surgery, thank to the Seat of Power. 'I am dumb-founded!' he exclaimed, 'I only wish I had known about this years ago!'

Whatever your temperament, be it anger... shyness... anxiety... worry... tension - whatever, you can be relieved.

you can be freed... without prayers, rituals, counselling and so on!

And whatever your health problems, the Seat of Power can control or even cure you of it.

* * * * *

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