The Secret of Near-Perfect Living by James F. Cullinan

The Secret of Near-Perfect Living by James F. Cullinan

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I wish to share something with you which I think could be of immense importance to your life. I am addressing myself to only one kind of person…the person who knows in his heart that there must be a better way of living, but knows not how to find it. By a better “near-perfect” way of living I mean a life truly rich in the fullest meaning. I mean a life rich in understanding, health, happiness and above all else…peace. I do also mean rich in a material sense – rich in money, possessions and luxuries, but that is only a side effect of the great secret that I wish you to share with me.
Only recently have I come upon this secret, and I believe it to be the greatest and most meaningful experience that can happen to any human being. Its impact on me personally has been so great that I still haven’t been able to truly comprehend what has occurred. It is not some kind of evangelical conversion or an oriental meditative technique to which I am alluding. It is something so totally profound and different, and yet remarkably “practical”, to liken it to some well known form of philosophy would prove of no value and might be misleading. It is a secret I discovered by “chance”; it is not new but yet very few people know about it.
I felt compelled to write about it as I feel it should be more widely known and not denied to persons to whom it may benefit. For some of you it may have the same profoundly transformational change of consciousness that it has had for me. But whether it does or not I feel that I should reveal/share my knowledge of it so that you at least have the opportunity of knowing.
It should be stressed that this has nothing to do with what I have written in my previous books. It is not a re-hash of something else. It is an exposition of a very profound experience which quite simply has to be the key to “near-perfect living”. Frankly I would have once laughed at the notion of “perfect” or “near-perfect living” for how can perfection be attained in a world so patently imperfect? Life cannot be perfect. Ironically it is the acceptance of this fact which partially led to my discovery of this secret. I have found something which, almost unbelievably, is near-perfect.
I think that my book is really different to what has been written and published before by others. It is different because (a) I am a layman, (b) not a professional psychologist, religionist or metaphysician. Also (c) the secret in my book transcends psychology, mysticism and religion and yet, paradoxically, provides a strange basis and/or understanding for such matters.
I hope I am not appearing to make this sound complex or academic. Believe me, it is nothing of the sort. It is in fact, a matter so overwhelmingly simple that its simplicity is difficult to comprehend! This appears to be a contradiction of terms, but within it, as the book explains, is the almost-perfect answer to all your problems. It also answers the questions of wealth versus poverty, glowing health versus disease, true love versus infatuation, peace of mind versus anxiety…and how the reader can experience the former situations rather than the latter.
There is no “method”, “system” or even a “philosophy” in my book. No equipment, meditation or other form of ritualism is involved. All there is is a secret…a secret which can completely transform every area of your life. Perhaps this sounds amazing, but short of writing several pages of very expensive advertising in order to explain it rather than asking you to buy my book, I cannot reveal here why it is so.
For those of you who have been disillusioned with life and the usual philosophies that are supposed to make life worth living, I invite you to read my book. But it will only be of value to you if you are totally genuine in your desire for the relinquishment of hardship for a “near-perfect life”. I must also add that this secret does not incorporate an admonition of sex, power, money, and the other physical realities of life – it is about LIVING, not “dying”. You can only experience the real joy of living once you realise how.




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