Three Books of Occult Philosophy or Magic (Complete and Uncensored Version)

Three Books of Occult Philosophy or Magic (Complete and Uncensored Version)
 Three Books of Occult Philosophy or Magic (Complete and Uncensored Version)Three Books of Occult Philosophy or Magic (Complete and Uncensored Version) 

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The ultimate compendium of wisdom and occult knowledge, this work was first published in the 16th century and has remained essential reading for those seeking the truths behind religion and philosophy. This is the complete work, consisting of all three original volumes: Natural Magic, Celestial Magic, and Ceremonial Magic.

Some versions of this book are incomplete, consisting only of the first book. This version is entirely complete. It is described as uncensored because some versions are based on an 1898 reworking of the first volume that applies Victorian sensibilities to certain passages, in some cases entirely changing the meaning of the affected lines. For example, the censored version has the line: ". . .and of the animal especially the generative parts," while the original version says; ". . . and of the animal, especially the testicles, matrix, or urine." And in another place the censored version says; " . . . take those members or parts in which the vital virtue is most vigorous, such as the heart, breast, and like parts." The original version reads: " . . . take those members or parts in which the venereal appetite is most vigorous, and such are the heart, testicles, matrix, yard, sperm, and mentrues." This version of the book is taken from the original, uncensored version.

One of the main complaints with readers of this work is a difficulty in reading its old-fashioned language. That is not an issue with this version, as with the exception of quotes and verses from poems, the spelling has been modernized and archaic words changed to modern versions, without losing any of the original meaning in the lines.

In addition, most of the tables have been redone so as to be clear and concise, the kamea Seals have been redrawn for clarity, the footnotes from the 1898 version have been added, and a short glossary of obscure words included.




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