Touched by the Hem of His Garment By James F. Cullinane

Touched by the Hem of His Garment By James F. Cullinane

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‘Touched by the Hem of His Garment’ 

The two most wonderful words in the English language that someone chronically or terminally ill could wish to hear are ‘spontaneous remission’ – the term used by doctors when finding that symptoms have mysteriously disappeared. The illness simply vanishes and the doctors can offer no explanation. But according to author James Cullinane, spontaneous remission is no mystery, and he cites the findings of two medical researchers who investigated 400 cases of the phenomenom. Every single one of these cases had one thing in common. In other words, in 400 out of 400 examples there is one common principle at work – a principle that seems to guarantee complete healing!

This principle and its life-saving implications forms the basis of Mr Cullinane’s book. ‘All too often doctors are the scaremongers of the human soul,’ he says, ‘with their grim warnings and predictions.

But they know only half the story, the patient blindly accepting it. ‘Medication, surgery, and the rest of it isn’t always the answer, and for many it is no answer at all. The answer is to be found elsewhere.’ This is not another ‘health book’. It goes beyond standard ‘alternative’ approaches. It digs into the causes of illness, giving the reader insight and genuine hope. It is not mere theory but practicable and demonstrable. ‘The human spirit is capable of seeing “miracles”. There need be no great effort, all that is required is a change. Crucially, change boosts the immune system, enabling the body to heal itself,’ says the author. In this book you will read of: the woman who was bleeding so badly that a hysterectomy seemed inevitable. Disillusioned with the failure of the usual treatments she chose another way. A few days later the bleeding ceased. Surgery was avoided … the ‘miraculous’ power attributed to the prayer cloth … the man with mouth cancer who avoided surgery and facial disfigurement … a man with only weeks left to live miraculously gets up from his death-bed and goes home … the amazing power attributed to statues … why the immune system fails. The Bible tells of how a woman was healed merely by the touch of Jesus’ garment.

True or not, the author regards it as unremarkable.

The real power at work is elsewhere. He believes the story is a metaphor for a greater truth. A simple change in the patient’s direction can unleash the body’s healing powers. Treat the spirit first and the body follows. Just as important is what this book implies for those who presently enjoy good health. Back of their mind lurks the fear that one day they might succumb to some crippling condition which no amount of vitamins or healthy living can prevent. Take this book’s revelation on board and avoid the worst. Causes and cures … the single most important factor for recovery … living beyond 100 … the diversity of miracles; they can happen in so many different ways. ‘In a book like this the author is expected to make a disclaimer for the “protection of the reader”. I will make no such disclaimer. 400 out of 400 success rate is something medical orthodoxy can’t match, and nobody asks it to issue disclaimers. 

Moreover a life time of studying the power of the human spirit has convinced me of what I write. ‘Everyone is entitled to hope and I am convinced that the reader can create his or her own miracle.

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