UNI-PSYCHICS Miracle Power of The Universe By William Beale

UNI-PSYCHICS Miracle Power of The Universe By William Beale

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Yes, beginning within minutes of reading this exciting new book you can set in motion a miraculous power that will bring you UNLIMITED INFUENCE ON PEOPLE...AN UNENDING FLOW OF RICHES AND PROSPERITY...ELIMINATION OF PHYSICAL PAIN AND REJUVENATION OF THE BODY...and much more! Yes, its true! Within moments you can tune into a miraculous universal power - called "Uni-Psychics" - that can - and will - answer your every prayer and dream!

Without going through long and laborious rituals you can solve problems almost instantly...command what you desire to happen...heal any area of your body...win the heart of another, and many more seeming "miracles". Uni-Psychics can help you:

* Gain incredible streaks of luck in gambling bingo, and other games of chance!

* Cause money to flow to you from all directions-seemingly "out of thin air"!

* Gain immediate control over the thoughts of troublesome people!

* Get the job promotion you seek or the exact kind of employment you require.

* Make pain instantly disappear...effect immediate healing of migraine, asthma, ulcers, blood pressure, arthrirtis, and almost every other known health problem!

* Win unlimited personal popularity...gain love and admiration of opposite sex!

* Turn dreams into solid realities - fast!

* Attract true romance and adoration from another person!

* Gain the power to see into the future and other amazing psychic abailities!


Whatever you seek - a fine car, a new home, jewellery, desirable possessions and luxuries of every description - Uni-Psychics can bring it to you in next to no time. Whatever amount of cash you need, be it large or small, can be obtained miraculously...the only limitation is the limit of your desire!

In this book you will read how:

POOR HOUSEWIFE WINS DREAM HOLIDAY! Joyce F., from Birmingham, always struggling to make ends meet and never abe to afford a holiday, tried a Uni-Psychics technique when entering a newspaper contest in which the first prize was a free vacation in the Bahamas! To her astonishment she won, and with her family enjoyed the most fabulous holiday of her life!

FARM WORKER'S LIFE CHANGED! Low paid farm worker Geoff N., was forever in debt trying to support his wife and three children. But everything changed when he used Uni-Psychic Thought Beams; he unexpectedly won a handsome lottery prize, being the first part of a long trail of good fortune to follow him, which you will read about in the book!

FABULOUS LOVE AND ROMANCE CAN BE YOURS! Everyone at one time or another longs for the excitement of true, passionate, fulfilling love. Such excitement need no longer delude you when you have the fabulous command-power of Uni-Psychics at your call.

You will read how:

DIVORCED MAN FINDS PERFECT MATE! Stan C., from Bristol suffered a terrible blow to his self-confidence when his marriage collapsed. He was almost suicidal. Uni-Psychics gave him new hope, and within a week of following the author's advice he met a widow with whom he felt an "instant rapport". She turned out to be his true "Soul-Mate" in life. They married soon afterwards and today it is difficult to find a more happier and "in love" couple than they!

MAN WINS "DREAM GIRL"! Young bank clerk George T., was totally frustrated. The girl of his dreams hardly knew he existed and he was so shy and tongue-tied that it seemed it would take a miracle just to gain her attention, let alone her love. The "miracle" happened when he used Uni-Psychic Word Imprint: after two weeks he and his "dream girl" were going steady!

WOMAN WINS BACK HUSBAND! Peggy J. was very bitter when her husband left her for another woman, leaving her with five children and a pile of debts. In desperation she tried a Uni-Psychic technique he returned begging forgiveness!

STOP PAIN AND DEFEAT ILL HEALTH IMMEDIATELY! The miracle power of Uni-Psychics is in a class of its own when it comes to dealing with the scourges of ill health. You need not suffer a moment longer once Uni-Psychics is at your command. Using this power is like flicking a light switch - you but only have to "switch on" and Uni-Psychics does the rest!

MAN CURED OF LIVER COMPLAINT! The doctors told Fred C. that his serious liver condition could kill him within a year. Determined not to yield to this "death sentence" pronounced by the doctors he decided to put the healing power of Uni-Psychics to the test. Three months later the astonished doctors confirmed that all symptoms had totally vanished! Fred is now a new man, and thanks also to Uni-Psychics, has twice as much energy than he ever had before!

WOMAN CURES FATHER! Janet A. was always upset to see her father suffering to much from painful stomach ulcers. She turned to the author asking if Uni-Psychics could help; the healing secret was given to her so she tried it on her father. Within a month he was completely cured - ten years of suffering elimnated almost overnight!

MANY OTHER CURES POSSIBLE! This 200 page book is packed with many other true stories from the author's files confirming his belief that Uni-Psychics can cure almost every single health ailment known to man. You will read how an energy-drained man was completely revitalised after employing Uni-Psychics...a young man's rash miraculously disappeared...a woman's loved cat, very ill and close to death, makes an amazing recovery after Uni-Psychics is applied...a businesswoman, both rheumatic and overweight cures both problems dramatically and simultaneously.


But what is Uni-Psychics and how does it work?

All this is explained in the book, but the special feature that separates Uni-Psychics from other mind power systems is it flexibility. It is in effect several systems in one and can be adapted to suit everyone's style and approach, without in any way diminishing the end result to be obtained. Author-psychic William Beale spent many years researching all the various systems of mind power and occultism and concluded that most of them are too inflexible and complicated for the ordinary average person to make them work.

Uni-Psychics is above all else SIMPLE, and it works for you, not against you!

And it is not witchcraft or black magick-any person of any religious persuasion can use it without violating his or her beliefs! With Uni-Psychics you are simply tuning into natural, miracle forces of the Universe. It is absolutely safe, fast-working, and very pleasant to use!


Uni-Psychics can make you one of the "haves" rather than the "have-nots" because it tunes you to the positive, winning vibations of the Universe - you have UNIVERSAL PSYCHIC POWER on your side! You therefore become unstoppable in automatically achieving your every desire, and lead what to many seems like a "charmed life". In this exciting book you will also read of how:

* A dynamic Uni-Psychic Magic Word formula that automatically banishes inferiority and lack- of-confidence feelings!

* A man overnight miraculously stops the noisy behaviour of his neighours!

* A Uni-Psychic technique helps man break his drinking habit!

* Student receives answers to exams in dream after using Uni-Psychic Creative Meditation!

* Impoverished author receives Uni-Psychic vision for a best selling war novel; it becomes a smash hit and he makes a million from film rights!

* Woman sees in dream the crash of a company in which she holds shares; she decides to sell; three months later company crashes!


The simple Uni-Psychic techniques reach so deep into the wealth of potential in one's own mind - as well as harnessing the powers of the Cosmos - that what was previously considered "impossible" can suddenly become a new way of life!

The author of this book William Beale, is his own best example of what can be achieved with this miraculous power: thanks to Uni-Psychics he today holds a lavishly paid post, in spite of previously humble circumstances, as special psychology consultant and analyst to top manufacturing companies on both sides of the Atlantic! For him "miracles" are a way of life, and it can be the same for you, too!

You will learn in his clear, easy-to-follow book how to tune into the thoughts of other people and anticipate their actions in advance (you will read how one man used this in his chess games to very good effect, and how it landed a widow a job promotion!)... discover a very simple method of proving reincarnation and finding out exactly who you were in your last life...how to find out what happened in your last life in order to understand the cause of your problems in this life, and how to solve them quickly...how to see future events before they happen and alter your plans accordingly...gain absolute protection from injury and accidents...secure fool-proof protection from witchcraft, black magick, voo-doo...gain prolific creativity in literary and artistic endeavours...learn the secrets of astral travelling (invisibly leaving your body and travelling anywhere you desire without physical limitions) to discover secret actions of lovers and enemies...and much else besides in this information-packed book!

You will also read how: GIRL GETS BOYFRIEND TO MARRY! For three years Sue N.'s boyfriend stalled on the subject of marriage. One week after using a powerful Uni-Psychic "Mind to Mind" technique he proposed!

WOMAN LOOKS YOUNGER! A 45-year old woman, anxious to delay the ageing process, tries a Uni-Psychic formula and is amazed at what happens! Now people mistake her 26-year old son to be her brother rather than son!

MAN GETS INTEREST-FREE LOAN! Devon businessman Roy P. was unable to get a loan from his bank or anywhere else. Dispirited he turned to Uni-Psychics as a last hope. He finds that he wished he had tried it first time! An amazing interest-free loan is offered to him within a week.

MARRIED COUPLE FIND MEANING! Jan and Ken E. from Norfolk had everything...two homes...three cars...stacks of money...everything, that is, except happiness.

They used the Uni-Psychic technique that suited them best, and for the first time in their married life they found real peace, harmony and fulfilment. ...you, too, can duplicate any one of these amazing true stories by tapping this miracle power of the universe.

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