Viking Magick Chants By Patricia Nelson

Viking Magick Chants By Patricia Nelson

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The Vikings were the most feared fighting force of their time. Unafraid of death, they possessed extraordinary courage and daring. And the Gods they worshipped quotes Patricia Nelson, were regarded as 'the Greatest and Most Powerful Gods of all time'... mighty deities that would grant any desire and bestow their supplicators with a 'Power Beyond Belief'.

For the first time ever, here is a book which reveals how to ask these Gods of old to grant your wishes, without long and complicated rituals. Viking Magick Chants are as simple as they are powerful - Chants that bestow you with power over life... power over difficult people... power to make someone love you. They can also give you the terrible power of REVENGE - to crush those who have wronged you. Viking Magick Chants are not to be played around with, declares the author, as they work with devastating force!

Some of the Chants include:

* THE FREYA LOVE CHANT. For solving love problems of every kind. Make someone come to you, or to leave another in favour of yourself. This is powerful!

* FRIGG MONEY CHANT. Solve money problems. Perform the day you play a lottery or bingo, or plan an investment. This chant also makes people subconsciously want to buy from you instead of somebody else.

* TRY PROTECTION CHANT. Be safe from those who wish to harm you.

* SIF FERTILITY CHANT. The Vikings invoked Sif to make barren women fertile - it worked for them so it can work for the modern who believes!

* HEL HEALING CHANT. Name your ailments to this great God and expect complete cure.

* MIDGARD LUCK CHANT. favours you in any situation where luck is crucial to your succeeding. Author recommends this one before filling in a pools coupon.

* BALDER CURSE REMOVAL CHANT. This can be dangerous; it will cause the curse placed on you to rebound double force on its sender! That person will be in serious trouble, but you will be free and completely relieved.

* MIMER SECRET KNOWLEDGE CHANT. When you need to know something which cannot be found out in a normal way Mimer will come to your aid.

* IDUN YOUTHFULNESS CHANT. Chanted regularly, youth and renewed energy will be yours again. Used by American film stars who believe in the occult.

These, and other Viking Magick Chants, can grant you the solution to every problem and the fulfilment of your fondest dreams!




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