Winning With Witchcraft by Jean Williams NEW EDITION

Winning With Witchcraft by Jean Williams NEW EDITION
Winning With Witchcraft by Jean Williams NEW EDITIONWinning With Witchcraft by Jean Williams NEW EDITIONWinning With Witchcraft by Jean Williams NEW EDITION

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By Jean Williams

Although this book is called " Winning With Witchcraft" it is not a book for witches. Fully fledged witches will not find anything really new in its pages and indeed they may disapprove of many of the things written in it. They will not like the fact that I have removed the "mystery" of witchcraft, dispensing with all the complicated paraphernalia usually associated with the Craft, in order to demonstrate to the ordinary person that to practise it is really very simple indeed.

My book is definitely only for the everyday lay woman or man; the person who is fascinated by witchcraft and its possibilities, but is either too busy or apprehensive to actually get involved in it.


I do not in my book bog the reader down with the theory or history of witchcraft. That can be found in other books. No, my work is an "action" book, one of practice rather than speculation. In it I show you how to win in life with witchcraft.

There are two sides, or dimensions, to witchcraft: the religious, spiritual dimension , and the dynamic "active" dimension, i.e. that of deliberately manipulating events and circumstances for one's ends. My book is about this second, exciting dimension. But before I continue let me tell you something about myself. My name is Jean Williams, and for the last twenty years I have been actively practising witchcraft in the pursuit of securing personal objectives. I am a perfectly ordinary woman, not possessing special psychic powers of any kind. Neither am I particularly bright or good looking.

I mention these points because I want to show you that the wonderful, fast acting powers of witchcraft can be at anyone's command, regardless of ability, once the secret of witchcraft is understood.

I have never belonged to a coven or occult group of any kind. There is nothing special that you have "to be", or no one special you have to know, in order for you to begin working wonders with witchcraft from the very moment you know what to do.


Immediately you have finished reading my book you can begin casting magic witchcraft spells to obtain your desire. And you don't have to worry about trying to obtain difficult to get herbs or special equipment; almost all of the rituals I give involve very little or no paraphernalia, and what things you may have to get can be purchased easily and inexpensively. For twenty years I have been "winning the game of life" through witchcraft. With my book you can start doing the very same the minute you have read it.

With simple witchcraft spells and rituals I show how you can make any person desire you immediately... compel a reluctant lover to marry you... stop the romantic interest of someone you would rather be without. With witchcraft you can forget about being a loser in love, in money, or anything else.

By using witchcraft I show how you can actually take control of the "forces of chance" and make everything you touch seemingly turn to gold. You will be able to play a bingo game, place a bet, enter any contest, and know that you will win.

You can have any man or woman you want, or any luxury you choose. With witchcraft these things become automatic when you use the appropriate spells or rituals to obtain them. I can say all this with absolute confidence for this has been my experience from practising witchcraft. I have benefited handsomely and I seek only the pleasure of sharing my knowledge with you. Witchcraft, I believe, should not be the jealousy guarded secret of a selfish few, but should be made available to all who seek a better and more fulfilling life.

In my book you read about:

* Winning the admiration and respect of people. Stop them exploiting and using you.
* Using witchcraft to promote your self interests at all times, without harming the interests of others.
* Commanding things to happen through powerful spells and invocations.
* Magic witchcraft spells that quickly make you more self-assertive, confident, and sought after by the opposite sex.
* The Binding Love Spell that makes someone of the opposite sex love you.
* Simple witchcraft remedies that alleviate pain, reduce fever, stimulate hair growth.
* A powerful ritual that compels an unwanted neighbour to move away.
* A simple Moon Spell for miraculously solving financial difficulties.
* An ancient ritual for making a barron womb fetile.
* A simple divinatory rite for immediately telling if your mate is true or not.
* Compel a thief to return stolen property.
* A Romany Love Spell for catching all the men you will ever want!
* A simple formula for finding out which of two lovers loves you the most
* An ultra-simple ritual for keeping your partner true.
* A spell that compels a deserting partner to return to you.
* How to leave your physical body and travel invisibly anywhere. You can invisibly "spy" on your lover, rival, enemy, completely without his/her knowledge! This way you always win in the game of life because you can anticipate in advance the actions of others! "Invisible travel" is easy; it only needs practice. I succeeded on my third try. It is not only easy, but fun too. And it is perfectly safe.
* A simple step you can take for stopping any witch from invisibly spying on you.
* A powerful self-rejuvenation ritual for renewing your personality and character; extremely potent!
* How to use The Witchcraft Circle to break disease and ill health and regain perfect well being.


It is unfortunate that many people associate witchcraft with devil-worship. Most witches don't even believe in the Devil! I certainly don't. Witchcraft is not Black Magic. But, fortunately, witchcraft can be used to protect oneself from Black Magic. My book shows how you can quickly and easily break any evil curse, and shows also how you can forever make yourself safe from harm and evil of every kind.

Some people also harbour the idea that witchcraft is "superstitious nonsense", in fact quiet the opposite is true. Witchcraft is the secret science of nature. It could not possibly work if it was merely based on old wives' tales. Nor is witchcraft just "positive thinking". I know lots of people who use positive thinking and yet they are losers in life. Witchcraft is more dynamic. With witchcraft you don't, and cannot fail, you only succeed and win.


The very end of my book I have saved for what I consider to be the ultimate ritual, at least in material terms, a ritual that unleashes a tremendous torrent of opportunity, riches and good fortune. I consider this ritual to be little short of sensational, but I will be frank with you. I have only ever used it once. It worked so well that I just couldn't handle all the good things that came from it. I am not one of these people who can handle immediate, or even gradual wealth. But if you are one of those people who believe they can you should try this ritual. It could change your life!

I do not claim my book to be the best or finest written on the subject. But I do claim it to be the most practical. If you are one of those people who has always wanted to try their hand at witchcraft, but were too busy or apprehensive to do so then my book is for you. It is written for you, and I promise you that what you pay for it will be the best spent money of your life. Witchcraft works. Those people who practise it know. They are life's winners.

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Although this book is called " Winning With Witchcraft" it is not a book for witches...




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