Devastating Love & Sex Magick by Lorna Greene

Devastating Love & Sex Magick by Lorna Greene
 Devastating Love & Sex Magick by Lorna GreeneDevastating Love & Sex Magick by Lorna Greene 

Daemonic Dreams

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Publisher:  Daemonic Dreams

Coven Priestess Lorna Greene returns, with her latest title - a work of pure Magickal DYNAMITE, centred around everything Love & Sex related!

Let’s not be bashful here - we are all born with an overwhelming, primal drive to seek Love, Affection, Devotion... not to mention great Sex, too! It’s one of Mankind’s primary drives, and it frequently drives us all to distraction, trying to secure these wonderful feelings, with an equally wonderful person!

It’s unsuprising, then, as Greene ably demonstrates in this remarkable book, that effective Love and Sex Magick Rites are highly-prized (and often jealously guarded) by those who know their true worth.

Written in her usual down-to-earth, no-nonsense style, Lorna cuts through all of the mumbo-jumbo, time-wasting red herrings and goes directly to the very heart of Love and Sex Magick, presenting Rituals, Rites and Invocations which are both simple, safe and - most importantly - far more effective than anything you’re ever likely to have seen before!

From basic principles right through to powerful Rites, this book contains one of the headiest mixes of Magick you’ll ever work - and, better yet, you can begin IMMEDIATELY to put the simple instructions to work for YOU!

Within the pages of this ASTOUNDING book, which contains powerful rites for both men and women, you will learn:

  • How This Book is - in Itself - a POWERFUL Love Talisman!
  • How to Create Your Own Love Spells, using my simple checklist system!
  • How to Ensure Your Spells WORK!
  • A Full Year’s worth of quick, simple Chants to Generate Love, Month-in, Month-out!
  • The Spider-Web Sex Spell, to Snare A Devoted and Passionate Lover!
  • A Beautiful, Sweet Candy Love Spell to Deepen an Existing Bond Beyond Belief!
  • The POWERFUL Love Spell of The Full Moon!
  • An Incredible, Elemental Love Spell to Bring Love Flowing Into Your Life!

...Also, you’ll find a Spell to See Your Future Mate, a Treasury of Dream Magick, Spells to Sexually Dominate Another, The Fabled ‘RED HEART’ Love Spell, and a Truly Awe-Inspiring Rite to Turn the Heart of Another.... PLUS MUCH, MUCH MORE, Besides!




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