Magickal Words of Power by J Pike

Magickal Words of Power by J Pike
 Magickal Words of Power by J PikeMagickal Words of Power by J Pike 

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J Pike


Legendary ‘70’s and ‘80’s Occultist, J PIKE is BACK!

His Brand new title, MAGICKAL WORDS OF POWER, has been specifically written to give the ordinary reader unprecedented access to a whole host of simple Magickal techniques, spells, rituals and chants, each designed to invoke safe, effective Occult powers to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

The Power of simple words and numbers is undeniable - all around us, in day-to-day life, words are used to convey meaning, ideas, commands, images and instruction. The effect of words upon our lives cannot be over-stated enough, and yet we all take them largely for granted! Imagine that - the most powerful, life-changing tools we have at our disposal, and we BARELY
NOTICE their importance!

Inside this book, you will find a vast array of no-nonsense, step-by-step techniques, including Pike’s personal ‘POWER WORDS’, which he has used for decades to improve and enrich his life - you will find this information NOWHERE ELSE, and Mr. Pike was (and remains!) loathe to finally make it available here, so effective has he found it.

Remarkably, the book itself has been specially formatted to act as a POWERFUL TALISMAN, in it's own right (we recommend that students sleep with the book under their pillow, for the first 3 nights after receipt), used to draw immediate benefits, and boost your own abilities.

Whatever your goals in life, MAGICKAL WORDS OF POWER contains all the techniques you could ever need in order to manifest them into a glorious reality. Within these pages you will find explicit instructions on topics and techniques including:

  • Mystic Power Words
  • Runic Power Words
  • Mystic Power Chants
  • Numerological Chants
  • How to Create Your Own Magickal Chants & Talismans
  • The Abramelin Ritual
  • The Forgotten Art of Dice Magick
  • ...And LOTS more!

Without a doubt, MAGICKAL WORDS OF POWER is one book that you will use, time and again, in your life.

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