Magickal Powers of the Occult by J Pike

Magickal Powers of the Occult by J Pike

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Life-long Occultist and Author J. Pike (’Magick at it’s Very Best’, ‘Miracle Occult Power’, ‘The Complete 1-2-3 Book’, and many others) is back, with a stunning new Modern Grimoire, jam-packed with remarkable, powerful Magickal Rites that can be used by ANYONE, no matter what their experience.

Whether you are just starting out in Magick and Witchcraft, or are an experienced practitioner of the Occult Arts in your own right, MAGICKAL POWERS OF THE OCCULT will prove an ESSENTIAL title in your Occult Library!

Make no mistake - this astonishing book contains a veritable TREASURE-HOUSE of powerful occult secrets, representing the most effective of Pike’s personal workings, over the last few decades, and all are taught in easy-to-follow steps, removing the need for any guesswork or laborious study.

From essential first principles, including the awe-inspiring powers of Creative Visualization, through to exploration of the Astral planes and Astral Magick, Pike leaves no stone unturned in providing you with some of the very BEST Magickal instruction available to the ordinary reader!

Within these covers, you will find Occult Rites and Magickal Workings from the depths of Egypt, from the mists of the Indias, and from the Druidic traditions of the Celtic peoples too; the scope the Pike addresses, and distills into simple, straightforward lessons here, is simply breath-taking.

NOWHERE ELSE WILL you find the multitude of diverse Rites and Spells presented here - many for the very first time.

Between these covers, you will find just some of the following remarkable, life-changing subjects:

  • Using Your Psychic Centers
  • Developing Essential Creative Visualization Skills
  • Raising Kundalini Power
  • Visualization Rituals
  • Crow Magick
  • Developing Astral Skills Through Path-working and Lucid Dreaming
  • Salt Magick Rituals for Cleansing
  • Astral Projection and Prosperity
  • The Magickal Prayers of the Egyptian Gods
  • Rites for both Solar and Lunar Magick
  • Latin Words of Power
  • Candle Burning Rituals
  • A Powerful Psychic Healing Ritual
  • ...and much, MUCH more besides!

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