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Carl Nagel


The Master of Magick is back, with a MASSIVE 140-page Treasure-Trove of Spells, Rituals and Talismans!

Carl Nagel returns with one of his most comprehensive Magickal texts or date.

In The Secret Art, no less than three immensely powerful Magickal systems are employed, to provide you with a triple-shot of sorcerous secrets, and boost the effectiveness of your Workings.

Whether you are looking for simple Magick that gets RESULTS, or are a seeking a more in-depth understanding of the powers employed, The Secret Art contains exactly what you are looking for.

Covering a wide variety of hidden Occult Techniques and Magickal workings, THE SECRET ART finally lifts the veil on hitherto rarely-explored, highly effective Talismans and Spells.

From uniquely powerful Astromantic workings, to awe-inspiring Rituals in conjunction with the Planetary Spirits, Nagel leaves no stone unturned, in illuminating seldom experienced methods of Magickal Workings.

In this packed volume, you will discover step-by-step instructions, enabling you to perform DEVASTATING Occult Rituals for: -

Receiving very specific, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers, using a standard Tarot Deck
Acquiring Wealth and Prosperity the easy way
Finding true Love and Commitment
Relieving Boredom, Loneliness or Depression
Obtaining Magickal Protection, and Defense against Attackers
Success and Gambling and other games of chance
Attaining Powerful Seductive Influence over the person of your choice
Gaining Revenge or even Killing with Magick

...And much, much more!




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