Bible Secrets of Moses & Solomon by Carl Nagel

Bible Secrets of Moses & Solomon by Carl Nagel

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The only book anywhere which makes the alleged magickal secrets of Moses and Solomon plain and understandable to the modern reader!



Carl Nagel

Now you can invoke the hidden power of the Bible to: Influence Important People, Win Money, Improve Health, Bring Love, End Bad Luck, and more!

For centuries, aspiring magicians have struggled to understand and implement the instructions in The 6th & 7th Books Of Moses and Secrets Of The Psalms and other arcane texts based on medieval manuscripts: but so difficult have they been that most gave up in despair! Now - after years of experimentation - author-magician Carl Nagel has cracked the secret of these texts, making them intelligible and accessible to all.

According to Mr Nagel the Bible is a kind of grimoire of spells and chants, its formulae being hidden from the eyes of Christians who believe it word for word, totally ignorant of its magickal import! Both Moses (13th century BC) and Solomon (10th century BC) were high Adepts, intimately familiar with Egyptian magick and ritual. According to the great psychologist Sigmund Freud the Jewish religion has its roots in Egyptian magick, an idea which anathematic to the Church!

Orthodoxy sees man as living in fear of a wrathful God, and being content with his lot! 'NOT SO!' says Mr Nagel. 'Your true spiritual birth right is success, love, happiness and long life - which the Bible actually promises!' No longer need you fear those in authority! you can magickally - in an instant - turn the tables. Yo can influence them to do your bidding! Stroppy civil servants, council officials, politicians - even judges - can now be under your secret sway! With this power you can win a lawsuit! Even early release from prison is possible with this power! You can gain DIVINE PROTECTION FROM THIEVES AND ROBBERS!

You can receive DIVINE PROTECTION IN MILITARY CONFLICT! You can receive DIVINE PROTECTION AT SEA! you can be free from malevolent forces; bad luck can be stopped dead in its tracks! You can return curses to their source, wreaking havoc on the sender! You can protect yourself from slander and malicious gossip! You can be free from persecution with this invincible power! You can banish ghosts and other evil entities around your person or property. They cannot oppose the secret magickal power of the bible! You can get rid of a guilty conscience - and a regain peace of mind!

The Bible's secret power to protect is limitless, claims Mr Nagel!

IT CAN MAKE A WOMB FERTILE: there are no less than three spells for this purposes, concealed within the Bible, and made clear and accessible by Mr Nagel!

Psalmic spells can ENSURE A SAFE AND INCIDENT-FREE PREGNANCY; also THE BIRTH OF A HEALTHY BABY. Psalmic spells can: Banish depression and unhappiness... Make an employer give a pay rise or promotion (41st Psalm)... Give excellence in delicate and intricate work (81st)... Protection from a savage dog (58th)... Discourage obsession with unnatural sexual acts (56th)... Clarify your thoughts on whether you should move house or change jobs (119th)... EXCEL IN STUDIES (134th)... remover fear of the unknown; develop a more positive outlook (91st). The author outlines the exact - very easy- procedures for making these Psalmic Spells work.

With this power you can: Discover the identity of a thief... Gain the upper hand in business... Ensure success in all business ventures... Find lost treasure.

You will read in the book remarkable testimonials to the secret power of the Bible: - A young man miraculously protected from a fatal car crash. - A couple frustrated by the Council's refusal to grant planning permission invoked Solomon's magick. The Council reversed its decision. - Woman won in the lottery after performing the Jiheje Properity Chant. - Foreman dissolved a grudge held against him by a worker. - Young man ignored be female for months. After his use of Bible magick she rang him out of the blue for a date! - Woman jinxed by accidents suddenly finds her luck changed after chanting the appropriate verses from Psalm 91. - Parents concerned about their son's poor marks at school. He makes improvement after their use of Psalmic Spell. - Woman reversed her gambling losses. - Man suffered severe asthmatic attacks for a decade. They ceased after using the Bible formula. - Woman stops severe migraine attacks after using Bible formula. - A young man was jilted by his girlfriend after he had done so much for her. He turned to Bible magick and watched her luck run out. The Bible Secrets Of Moses & Solomon can make: - A runaway child return home. They can also: - Reunite husband and wife. - Bring peace between feuding families! - Stop infidelity! - Affect reconciliation between enemies! - Bring new friends.

Bible magick can be applied to health matters. In this book you will read: Headache and back pains relieved... Eye diseases treated... Treatment of burns and sores... Treating another person's illness... Reducing fever... Mending a broken arm... Treating pain in the thighs... Treating kidney and liver disorders... Treating another person's paralysis of arm and hand... Treating knife wounds. Medieval magicians believe the secret Bible formulae could heal all kinds of physical problems. You judge for yourself!

Some of the contents of Mr Nagel's book include: The healing Power of the Psalms; The Dream Quest of the Ancient Israelites; The Hidden Power of Biblical Prayer; The Esoteric Doctrine; The Jah Chant for secret Knowledge; Another Look at Ezekiel's Wheel; Spirit Contact During Sleep; The 7 Arcane Secrets of Power; The Forbidden Magick of the Hebrews; The Power of the Spoken Word; magick Seals For Virtually Every Need and Desire; The Secret of Controlling Others; The Hidden Miraculous Power of the 91st Psalm; Why Magick Seals Work; Gaining the Favour of the 7 Great Spirits; Winning Honour and Respect, The Hidden Magick of Acquiring Superior Skill in any Art or Science.

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