Angelic Forces by Marcus T Bottomley

Angelic Forces by Marcus T Bottomley

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How They Give You Health, Youth, Beauty and Love

By Marcus T. Bottomley

Within the secret depths of your mind and the spiritual power of the Cosmos lays power to enhance your appearance, and achieve riches and fame. You can contact these powers through the aegis of THE GREAT ANGELIC HOST.

Here, for the very first time, is a book devoted exclusively to the subject of HEAVENLY ANGELS and how they can help the reader in a practical manner. Next to God the Heavenly Angels are perhaps the most powerful force in the unseen universe. In fact they are the active dimension of the Divine Will... the dimension that creates events, and fulfils the personal wishes of those magicians who invoke their aid.

This book is about the 7 Greatest Angels and how they can help you, the reader. These are the great angelic personages frequently alluded to in the Bible, and other scriptures. They are the mysterious forces supplicated by powerful white magicians, and who gave help and succor to the saints and holy men of the past. THEY ARE THE MIGHTY BEINGS THAT CAN MAKE THE "SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE" HAPPEN - and CAN CREATE MIRACLES IN YOUR LIFE AND IN YOUR BODY.

But are not Heavenly Angels, some will interject, merely a fragment of man's imagination - a religious fantasy? Does not the power to psychially influence events lay within man's mind rather than outside it? That is true - man can, very successfully, change his personal circumstances by psychic means - that it is equally true that the human mind is still very much a mystery to both scientists and mystics. It is recognised that the human mind can accomplish infinitely more, on a psychic level than that which it is presently capable of. There are many ideas and theories of how to reach the really potent levels of subconscious power. Some of these ideas are useful, others are fatuous.

Whilst it is difficult to rationalise a belief on Heavenly Angels and their powers of intercession, it should be noted that for centuries ceremonial magicians have deemed their influence as indispensable to their work. To the questioning mind this may seem hard to rationalise just as it isn't easy to comprehend why planets and stars millions of mind miles away effect the way we think and behave. But the "rational answer" could be that Angelic Forces, like their planetary counterparts, are intrinsically a dimension of the human psyche; the unseen universe could be a reflection of the unseen mind. Maybe all is in the mind, but the real answer may be a lot deeper!

You cannot approach the Heavenly Angels believing that they "don't really exist". It is possible that they could be a hidden dimension or extension of the psyche, but only belief in their spearate, independent existence CAN GUARENTEE THAT THEY WILL HELP YOU! This is a paradox, but the seeker should not concern himself with it. THE AIM OF THIS BOOK IS TO DEMONSTRATE THE VERY TANGIBLE BENEFITS THAT A BELIEF IN THESE FORCES CAN BRING TO YOU.

No one can make you believe in Angels no more than anyone can convince you that the sudden appearence of riches and fortune in one's life is the result of one's supplications to them. This book, however, propounds a good case for believing in their power.

INVOKING THE HELP OF ANGELIC FORCES CAN BE EFFECTUATED BY PERSONS OF ANY RELIGION OR CREED. Practising R.C.'s or Jews will not find that it transgresses their beliefs. The same applies to those of other religious persuasions.

Supplicating God's Angelic Forces could prove to be THE MOST WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE. You will experience the joy of knowing that a really powerful and friendly spiritual entity is on your side. You will feel the presence of a beautiful, loving friend. Whether this is really a concoction of the subconscious mind or a living, seperate entity will seem irrelevent compared to the riches and fortune that will follow such an experience.

The Angelic Forces can change not only your fortunes, but the condition of your body as well. This book provides evidence received by the author of how the great Rapheal, Angelic Force of Health & Beauty:


Raphael has the power to make you look younger, more beautiful or handsome. The Archangel Michael is the great spiritual force behind love matters. His influence cannot be thwarted - he brings true soul-mates together and re-unites separated lovers.

The Archangel Gabriel is whom you would turn to for financial help. He will help you win lotteries, competitions, improve business, prevent bankruptcies, get debts settles. Your "psychic association" with him will be like having an insurance policy against poverty. Samuel is the great Angelic Force for helping you find a job or fulfil a professional aspiration. His influence creates a job for you, and sees that you grow prosperous.

This book provides you with the instruction for enlisting the help of Angelic Forces for every type of need, every kind of wish or aspiration. The real rewards of being in contact with them go deeper than the mere quest for riches and self-help; the particular Angel(s) that you choose to form a relationship with can become a real "personal friend", providing you not only with protection and your material needs, but with the means of understanding yourself, and your life better.

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