Elemental Forces by Marcus T. Bottomley

Elemental Forces by Marcus T. Bottomley

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Invoke The Spirits Of The 4 Elements To Bring Your Heart's Every Desire


Marcus T. Bottomley


Magickal Pathways To Success, Health, Power And Love...

Now you can invoke the spirits of Air, Fire, Earth and Water to make whatever you want happen!

These magickal forces work only for good and can bring MIRACLES OF HEALING, RICHES AND GOOD FORTUNE.

* D.G. (Kentucky) ended her loneliness and won a circle of new friends - and an exciting lover! - after invoking the spirit of Air.
* Nigerian businessman R.G. (Lagos) owes all his success, he says, to his invocations of the Earth spirits!
* Pensioner P.R. (West Midlands) - won nearly £1000 at bingo after invoking the spirit of Fire!
* J.S. (Surrey) suffered for years from bronchitis. It disappeared completely after using Elemental Forces!
* M.E. (Perth) wanted to be rid of her lover. No sooner had she invoked the Earth spirit than he packed his things and left!
* T.M. (Aberdeen) cured her father of an enlarged prostate after invoking the spirit of Water!

By attuning to the Elemental Forces which control life we can control our own lives, solve problems and get what we want!

Invoking the 4 elements has been practised since time immemorial - the oldest magick!  You can invoke what you want - any time, anywhere!

Protect your home and your possessions... Protect friends, relatives, pets!... Safeguard yourself!... Banish bad luck!... End money worries!... Heal yourself and others!... Achieve ambitions!... Pass tests and exams!...

But remember these forces work only for good! Anyone of any religious persuassion can use them!

They can solve your problems and transform your fortunes completely, according to your wish!

Elemental Forces can bring:


Whatever you set your mind to you can achieve with the help of Elemental Forces!

This book is the result of extensive research by metaphysical write Marcus Bottomley, author of many best-selling books!

YOU NEED NOT ACCEPT THE LIMITATIONS LIFE IMPOSES ON YOU! You can have what you want! You can get rid of something or draw something to you as you wish!

Elemental Forces are the answer! The rituals are easy!  You require only the will to succeed!

Send for this book today - it could be just what you need!

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