Nature's Magic by Alfred Palma

Nature's Magic by Alfred Palma

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Invoke the Spirits of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water
To bring a stream of riches, love, happiness and perfect health


Alfred Palma


Author Alfred Palma writes: 'I give you my solemn word that what you read in my book has worked wonders for me and my friends. It is the easiest thing I have tried and you will find the results breathtaking.'

You can receive fulfilment of your heart's desires through the amazing mystic power of the Four Cardinal Points! Solution to a pressing problem! Cash when you need it! Constant good luck! An end to pain and suffering!

So Simple! And though this is called NATURE'S MAGIC you don't have to go up to a hilltop or make circles in the pouring rain - this magic can be performed in the privacy of your own home!

M.G. (Ulverston) was penniless and faced eviction. He performed the Natural Magic ritual and was given £1600 the following week! he continued to use the ritual: He got the job he wanted, secured several loans despite poor collateral, and later enjoyed several small lottery wins!

Pamela K. (Cambridge) was frantic with despair. The boy of her dreams was seeing another girl. After invoking the Fire Spirit of Love he suddenly dropped the other girl! He and Pamela later got engaged.

F.G. (Norwich) was concerned about a possible prostate problem. He did the Ritual to Keep Good Health. Next time he saw his doctor he was advised that all symptoms had disappeared!

EACH AND EVERY RITUAL IS SIMPLE. Some rituals take only five minutes.

But don't be fooled by their simplicity - Mr Palma, one of Malta's most respected literary figures, gives his 'solemn word' that they work!

THEY ARE SAFE! The spirits invoked are not evil: they are the elemental beings that exist in everything - in plants, in the flame, in the water that flows from your tap, and in the very air you breathe!

They will do your bidding!

At age 50 Mr Palma was in despair. He was a failure. What he tried of the mystic didn't work. He searched his soul and prayed. He made a discovery. He found that certain kinds of prayer work, he found that 'colour magic' could work - BUT NATURE'S MAGIC ACCELERATED HIS LUCK BEYOND ANYTHING HE HAD HOPED!

Constant good fotune, blessing of every description, glowing health - all now flowed to him.

A religious man - but with an open mid - he found that God's ways are many and varied.

Day after day people report sucess with Nature's Magic:

G.C. (Rome) was anxious to obtain a position which she knew many others also wanted. Her chances of acceptance were slim. She worked Palma's formula and - behold - she was the one chosen!

All around you help is waiting: the invisible beings within Wind, Fire, Earth and Water are there to help you!

K.S. (Derby) was told that surgery on her tumour was inevitable. She was fraught. Feeling that she had nothing to lose she invoked the elemental spirit. A month later the consultant advised that 'surgery would not be necessary'! Later she experienced total remission.

G.F. (Edmonton) was distraught when she found that her husband was seeing another women. She performed the Nature's Magic ritual, taking her less than ten minutes. Her husband's dalliance fizzled out!

She used another Nature's Magic invocation to rekindle lost love. NOW HE HAS EYES FOR NO ONE BUT HER!

Whatever you need you can invoke the powers of Fire, Earth, Air and Water to get it!

P.W. (Epsom) invoked them and won £190,000 on the pools!

Another man reports regular winnings at bingo and at the racetrack. 'Although i plan my bets and analyse the odds I'd never been this lucky before starting these rituals.'

When you're at your wits' end and there seems no hope Nature's Magic can change everything!

K.I (Droitwich) was in arrears with her rent. Her debts were piling up. Her boyfriend had left her and her health was suffering.
She invoked the elemental spirit of Water and was staggered at the change in her luck! She was offered a proposition - worth a lot of money - and then came into a unexpected inheritance!

Write your spell on paper, fold it in four, then tear it up and cast to the wind. That's what J.B. (Calais) did. I spoke Mr Palma's formula to get a job previously denied to me. It worked', he reports.

Mr Palma explains to you HOW AND WHY THESE POWERS WORK.

He has no time for scoffers. 'Let them remain poor, unloved, unhappy and sceptical. Their blindness and deafness to the miraculous healing and prosperity powers of natures elements is their loss'.

'Nature's spirits will always help you in the way they choose... opening a door of unexpected opportunity... a surprise... and inexplicable proposition... a person suddenly entering your life who will be lucky for you.'

B.F. (Bath) was a shy lad. He found mixing with others very difficult, and as for girlfriend - forget it! He felt he had nothing to lose trying Nature's Magic.

He gained a sudden new confidence. Suddenly others were turning to him instead of him to them.  At the time of reporting his successes he found himself in a dilemma over two girls very keen on him!

Open yourself to Nature's gift of magic: to the power of the Four Cardinal Points, to the elemental beings who are there to help you.

It is safe. It is easy. It is effective.

Treat yourself now.


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