Colour Magic By A. Palma

Colour Magic By A. Palma

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Are you still searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

No need – plot your own fortune and control your destiny with COLOUR MAGIC All colours have magical potential and you can discover a beautiful new world with the Colour Magic Formula. Learn the secrets of the colours, their power, their meanings, their positive and negative effects on your life, so that you can control your future. All you have dreamed of can now be yours!

Are you having difficulty in finding a partner? ...No Problem!

Are you in need of money? …No Problem!

Are you searching for adventure? …No Problem!

Are you suffering ill-heath? …No Problem!

Is life treating you badly? …No Problem!

Do you need confidence? …No Problem!

Health, Wealth & Happiness can be controlled by using the magical secrets of COLOUR MAGIC Once you know the secrets of the colours, their strengths individually and in combination with other colours, you can plot your own magical combination to achieve what you want in life.

Don’t take colours for granted or rely on ‘lucky’ colours – use the new COLOUR MAGIC formula and feel positively assured of success by believing in the magical powers of colours.

When submitting COLOUR MAGIC to us author Alfred Palmer wrote: ‘I have tested everything I have written, and I give you my solemn word that the results have been amazing'.

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