A Wizard's Book of Spellbinding Magick by Frank O'Malley

A Wizard's Book of Spellbinding Magick by Frank O'Malley

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Publisher:  Finbarr Occultism

A complete book of true and authentic White Magick.

Powers any man or woman can acquire!



The Calls, Chants and Invocations of Wizardry, from Magickal Spells to Past Life Regression!  A COMPLETE BOOK OF TRUE AND AUTHENTIC WHITE MAGICK!

This remarkable book by Frank O'Malley is a treasure trove of white magickal art.  Genuine magickal power can be in the grasp of anyone who wants it!


O'Malley is a magickal adept, a true wizard, and everything you will need to know to become a true wizard yourself is here in the pages of this revealing book.

You can influence events! You can control your destiny! You can affect the destiny of others!  It's all here for you to learn and apply.

Follow this book's wisdom and you may never be the same again!

You can at last experience life on the astral planes and travel through time and space.
You can meet you Holy Guardian Angel!
You can learn that reincarnation is an actual fact of life and you can master PAST LIFE REGRESSION.
Understand how karma works!
Discover and control the forces of destiny!
LEARN THE ACTUAL CALLS, CHANTS AND INVOCATIONS - which give you mastery and control of circumstances!
You can attract and influence any person you wish.
You can become a wizard with perfect safety. No summoning of dark forces here. You are shown how to shield and protect yourself.
Your life can be filled with blessings and marvels!

Wizardry operates through the natural laws of the universe!  You can call upon the gods and goddesses to get what you want in life - to materialise riches seemingly out of thin air and create the ideal circumstances you seek.  

Being a wizard - a magickal adept - is not an idea of fiction: it is a secret ancient tradition in which you can now participate - You can now initiate yourself into the true magickal art of changing physical conditions!

You can have power over any unseen force: you can control and banish ghosts and other troublesome entities!
You can repel the evil machinations of others. You can make curses return to their sender threefold, and yet enjoy the protection of the gods.
You can get what you want, without transgressing karmic law!
Everything is explained in this book in clear and vivid detail!

This book is your passport to the mysteries of the secret arts which can give you control over external conditions - You can put an end to difficult situations!

You can make two people separate - and not transgress karmic law!

This is true white magick, with the blessings and protection of wizardry's gods and goddesses!
Master the arts of hypnotism and mesmerism!
Learn Ceremonial magick & Candle magick - Much of it remarkably uncomplicated!


You need never be denied again!

Rarely are the secrets of Initiation and Adept hood revealed, such as they are in this wizard's book!  Learn how to influence others through the medium of doll magick! Discover how to control your life through lucid dreaming!  Discover the power of the Watcher: how the wizard knows what another is doing at any time of day and night.

CREATING LIFE. Manipulation of lifeforms. Step by step everything is explained.  Everything in this book can be applied by the reader, and with complete safety!

Within the realms of wizardry and high magick nothing is perceived as 'impossible'. What others perceive as 'fantasy' can become fact for you.




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