‘ARISE AND WALK’ The Secret Healing Power of The Bible by Brian O’Connor

‘ARISE AND WALK’ The Secret Healing Power of The Bible by Brian O’Connor
 ‘ARISE AND WALK’ The Secret Healing Power of The Bible by Brian O’Connor‘ARISE AND WALK’ The Secret Healing Power of The Bible by Brian O’Connor 

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At last! You can benefit from the boundless healing power of the Bible!

In this inspiring book Mr O’Connor reveals the hidden truths of Bible healing.


Churches, sects, religious organizations in general, seek to limit God to their definitions, says Mr O’Connor: but ‘the truth can set you free’. He reveals in this book, how time and again people ask for help from God and are ignored. No matter ‘how good’ one is, God seems to pay no heed. Concealed within the Bible are powerful spiritual and psychological truths that can release unstoppable forces of healing and good fortune, claims the author.

FORGET WHATEVER YOU HAVE BEEN CONDITIONED TO BELIEVE, he says. The truth shall set you free. You can have a life of good health and good fortune – a life free of misery and debt. Your cup can truly ‘runneth over’. With God all things are possible. THIS BOOK INSPIRES LIKE NO OTHER. It shows you the royal road to freedom and abundance. Read in this book of the good woman who prayed and prayed, yet her ulcers remained. Mr O’Connor explained the true meaning of Biblical healing. HER ULCERS VANISHED!

A boy was told he could never walk again; another child was told the same thing. ‘Polio cannot be overcome.’ The author’s files reveal otherwise. Both grew up to become very active able bodied individuals. ‘God the Father recognizes no limitation’, says the author.

The churches have lost sight of the healing waters of scripture, he says. Yet anyone of any faith can benefit. The god of most was made in man’s image. This book reveals the reality, which anyone can access in an instant! Whatever your circumstances, God the Father can change it, declares the author. He describes himself as a ‘mind scientist’. ‘I do not deal in mumbo jumbo. I am interested in only what can be proven. Most folk never find it, so blinded are they by the strictures of the Church.’ A young woman was told that only the amputation of her arm could save her life. Not only was her armed saved, but WITHIN SIX MONTHS SHE WAS COMPLETELY CURED, TO THE ASTONISHMENT OF HER DOCTORS.

The ‘extraordinary’ healing power of Jesus still happens. According to the author it is not ‘extraordinary’ but natural and automatic. He demonstrates how to believe, AND HOW TO BE CERTAIN OF RESULTS. ‘You do not have to accept your present circumstances’, he says. ‘I don’t care how much you have prayed and how many times you have failed.


‘God the Father never lets anyone down!’ he emphatically declares. ‘We let ourselves down, and that’s because of what we have been conditioned to believe.’ THIS CAN NOW ALL CHANGE. ‘Nothing is impossible for the Lord.’ The idea behind ‘The Lord’, ‘The Father’, and so on, is a cosmic power that is irresistible: a cosmic power that is at the heart of every being. You only have to awaken it! Following this book is very easy. You will gain a hope from it that you thought you would never have. But you will receive more than hope: YOU WILL SEE RESULTS. ‘Of that I am certain. Within the Bible is a vital idea, concealed from the average reader and misunderstood by the pious. ‘There is only one true religion: your personal relationship with the Father. ‘With this relationship nothing can be denied again’, the author emphatically declares. ‘People fail because of ignorance and misunderstanding’, he says. He tells of a lady who, despite her good works and ‘devotion to God’, as she put it, still suffered. She felt she was being ‘punished’. He explained where she was going wrong. WITHIN WEEKS SHE WAS A NEW PERSON: vital, energetic, and free from a lifetime of aches and pains! A young man was told he was going blind. ‘No amount of praying to God was going to help’, says the author. ‘The truth shall set you free’, he told him. It was not at all what he expected. NOT ONLY WAS HIS EYESIGHT COMPLETELY RESTORED, BUT HIS MARRIAGE SAVED TOO.

Within the pages of this thrilling book is the key to healing relationships, finding happiness, attracting good fortune, and ‘living a charmed life’. ‘Do not be held back by past failures. Everything can change. Let me tell you categorically GOD THE FATHER DOES NOT FAIL ANYONE, once you have made the connection. ‘You must have a personal connection with God; not one based on the teachings of religious bigots. If anything, “formal religion” can actually get in the way. ‘You can prove everything I say after reading my book.


You don’t need to own a Bible to put this wondrous life-healing secret into practice. Everything is here in the pages of this inspiring and comforting book. A young man was resigned to living with colitis. His father had the same, so it ran in the family. HE WAS COMPLETELY CURED. ‘The Healing Presence does not recognize the hereditary’, says the author. But are such claims preposterous? Absolutely not. To doctors they may be, but doctors only treat the disease, not the soul. Such is this wondrous power that an office worker completely avoided a viral infection that had lain low other staff. Another young man had his confidence shattered when he had three car accidents – yes, even accidents have a reason – but once the true nature of God is accepted ‘accidents cannot happen again’. ‘Nothing is impossible with God on your side.’

One chapter describes a child born without a left hand. SHE GREW THE MISSING HAND. A soldier was so injured that he was told he could never walk properly again. He would later become known as South Africa’s ‘strongest man’. He trusted the Healing Presence implicitly. A young woman couldn’t understand her compulsion: she needed to wash her hands 100 times a day. She feared infection. She was anxious about her mother not forgiving her for marrying outside the faith. The author explained the falsehood of such attitudes and why they ‘are not of God’. He showed exactly how to get things right. She was reconciled with her mother and her compulsion ceased. A man of 86 was told that he would probably never walk again following a stroke. ‘The truth shall set you free’, the author began to explain, telling him exactly what he should do. Within two months he was living a fully active life. Are all such things purely ‘in the mind’? According to Mr O’Connor the answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’. There are those who recognize that illness may be just ‘in the mind’, yet their efforts to deal with it don’t work. The real cause is deeper. EVEN A CHILD CAN FOLLOW THE BEAUTY AND WISDOM WITHIN THIS BOOK.

The author asks you to try, ‘for you will never look back’.




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