The Irresistible Power Of Inner Mind By Brian O’Connor

The Irresistible Power Of Inner Mind By Brian O’Connor

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An end to worries!

An end to despair!

Goodbye to struggling!


Never want for happiness and prosperity!

THE IRRESISTIBLE POWER OF INNER MIND ‘Inner Mind truly is irresistible!’ declares author Brian O’Connor.

‘Nothing can resist its force, once you access it!’ According to Mr O’Connor, this power is available to all – simply waiting to be accessed!

The ‘Inner Mind’ is the hidden mental dimension – a ‘second consciousness’, far more potent than the ‘first consciousness’ that we are aware of! It is there waiting for us to use – and it can work wonders for us, day in, day out, declares the author! There are no difficult exercises to learn.

No rituals!

You only need the will and the desire to have Inner Mind work for you!


No spirits or angels: this is the hidden power of the Universe itself, the living, infallible INNER MIND!

Whatever you want cannot resist its power!

And anyone can use it! You can access it the moment you receive this booklet! 

It begins working for you immediately, and once working, continues to do so every moment of every day. This is not fiction – but demonstrable fact! You can prove it for yourself! Mr O’Connor demonstrates why and how it works, and why anyone can do it! He shows how it has worked for so many.

He tells how: A young woman, in despair at the intrigue and backstabbing at her place of work found complete relief! The author told her not to change her job, but to ask Inner Mind to help her. Her problem was solved and she became the most popular person in the office! And much to her surprise, she was promoted! A woman struggling for years to control her weight at last succeeded at one stroke when she turned to Inner Mind! Mr O’Connor repeats: ‘Nothing can resist Inner Mind.

Once you turn a problem over to it it is as good as solved.’ This irresistible power brings joy and peace of mind! With Inner Mind you look only forward and upward! A woman banished her colitis through Inner Mind. No healing ritual was required. For years she suffered. Diet, exercise, etc., didn’t help, but Inner Mind brought permanent relief.

You need never be lonely.

You need never lack love and happiness.

Inner Mind can supply all your needs.

A widow, feeling isolated, not having heard from her family in years, turned her plight over to Inner Mind. Her life changed completely and she soon found a happiness previously thought unimaginable. This booklet reveals exactly what every one of these people did to get such positive results! No matter how desperate your situation, Inner Mind can help.

Once working for you, nothing can resist its power.

It can give super self-confidence. It can give one a wonderful self-belief. A young man who could not bring himself to propose marriage to his girlfriend for fear of rejection was finally able to do it easily with Inner Mind. She accepted on the spot! Inner Mind can irresistibly draw the love you need into your life!

You only have to trust it.

The author shows how you can trust it. It solves the seemingly insoluble. A woman despaired of her brother repaying a $150,000 loan that he owed her. She felt betrayed. His attitude changed completely after she learnt about Inner Mind and trusted its power. She got every last cent of her money back – including the interest!

A woman fretted about losing her business and laying off her staff. The prospects looked gloomy. Within two weeks of learning about Inner Mind her circumstances began changing for the better. Her business went on to thrive like never before.

A man claimed to live by gambling alone. He lives comfortably from betting on horses. He puts all his ‘luck’ down to Inner Mind. He says it guides him every step of the way. He never bets without consulting it. It always gives him the names and clues he seeks, he says. This booklet tells his story.

Another man made a $900.000 killing on the stock market through one single application of Inner Mind!

It is a fact some people always seem ‘lucky’.

Maybe it is because, without knowing it, they are using Inner Mind!

There are no limits to this power. It transcends time and space.

A police detective told the author how it miraculously protects him. He has been shot at over 20 times, sometimes at close range, and each time the gun either jammed or misfired, or the bullet meant for him was deflected from its mark. This booklet tells his remarkable story and how Inner Mind grants him such miraculous protection.

Another man came to the author heartbroken at his failed marriage and the alienation of his daughters. Nothing but a ‘miracle’ could get this poor man out of his difficulties. The author told him what to do: his story is explained in the booklet. His marriage and his family were soon healed.

Inner Mind is a powerful, infallible, reality.

It is not a delusion of the mind. It is a natural power, as natural as your breathing and your heartbeat. Its effects are irresistible once you know what to do. Through this power a young man was able to overcome a speech impediment and become a great public speaker, his oratory thrilling millions.

Another man claims it netted him the dollar equivalent of $130,000 in just one afternoon. No illness can resist this power, says Mr O’Connor. You can dare to have the person you want in your life.

Give the task to Inner Mind.

Whatever your need, whatever your problem, whatever your condition: give it to Inner Mind.

Inner Mind transmutes the negative into positive!!!




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