Beyond The Black Pyramid by Carl Nagel

Beyond The Black Pyramid by Carl Nagel
 Beyond The Black Pyramid by Carl NagelBeyond The Black Pyramid by Carl Nagel 

Daemonic Dreams

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Carl Nagel


Occult expert and Black Magician Carl Nagel is BACK!

In 2014, Daemonic Dreams published Nagel’s Best-Selling title, ‘Black Pyramid’, which has received constant praise over the course of the past five years.

Now, finally, he’s been persuaded to take this remarkablesystem to new heights of power and flexibility, and we’re proud to release this ENTIRELY NEW AND EXPANDED continuation of the pioneering work accomplished in the original BLACK PYRAMID.

Although this work continues and significantly amplifies the system in the original, it is a completely stand-alone set of Magickal Workings and Ritual in its own right - students in no way need to own, or have even read the first book, in order to immediately put this super-charged version straight to work!

SECRETS FROM BEYOND THE BLACK PYRAMID goes further than ever before!

Now integrating no less than FOUR of the most powerful Egyptian Deities, along with a truly STUNNING system of God-Form Evocation, Secrets From Beyond the Black Pyramid finally dares to life the musky veil on the very Darkest of the Egyptian mysteries.

Supplied complete with four coloured card Pyramid Templates, so that the student can commence their work with these Astonishing God-Forms virtually immediately, you are ALSO supplied with a Living, Breathing Piece of Magick, in the form of your Hand-Crafted Brass Pantacle of the Black Pyramid - the essential ‘key’ to the use of this work.

Within these pages, you will discover...

  • How to go about constructing and charging your Pyramids of SET, APEP, HORUS and HATHOR...
  • How to Evoke the God-Forms of these DEVASTATINGLY-POWERFUL Forces - safely, easily and
  • effectively...
  • How to Strike Fear into the Hearts of your Enemies...
  • How to Attain Blessings of Ultimate Power...
  • How to Banish Debts Forever...
  • How to Create Unending Streams of Good Fortune and Money...
  • Bring Amazing New Friendships..
  • Discover Your Perfect Love...
  • Satisfy Your Lust and Carnal Desires...
  • Attack and Defeat Your Enemies...

...And much, MUCH More!

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